The frozen pizza aisle saves the day!

Whoa, it is before midnight and I’m blogging!!

That’s because everything is all out of whack these days. Remember the cheery days of last week when I cranked out all those pieces for the exhibit? The ideas and outcomes flowed like chocolate from Willy Wonka’s drinking fountain.

This week is a different story. Actually, the dry spell began last Friday. I ran out of ideas! Everything is due at the museum this week, all the big pieces are done. I saved all the accents for last, thinking I could do them in my sleep. They are turning out to be harder than the big stuff! My mind went blank. I think I used all of this week’s creative energy last week. My well is dry. Not a speck of glitter to be seen.

My of-the-moment sob story: I bought eight large wood frames and thought I knew what to do with them. Wrong. Much like the opening of the Emmys last night, that idea crashed and burned. Covering them with fabric or paper would be too obvious and boring. I did try a really fun pop art Loteria stencil idea, but it didn’t work with the shape of the frame. I put them aside. Mind you, I have to use them because I’ve already allotted the space for them in the display. I don’t have time or money to start all over.

*Stomps foot*

I spent the day writing directions for another project and sketched a dozen patterns for yet another project! Thought my head would be clear.

A bit ago, I revisited the frames. I let out a big sigh, ready to conquer this creative roadblock. Nada.

I took them to Patrick and whined for help. He offered a slew of fancy ideas but none of them tickled my pickle. He got mad at me saying “No, I don’t like that…” and shoo-ed me away.

“Vete!” he snapped after my fifth diss. He flicked his fingers outward, and went back to work on his Loteria taco painting. Then it dawned on me…

He’s painting a taco! Last week it was a beautiful fountain scene, and then a band of jolly mariachis singing along the edge of the water.

Today, he is painting a taco.

Oh geez, I guess we are both on edge with the deadline looming. how will this all turn out?

Anyhoo – right then, Maya called to be picked up at school – and she had that Judy Attitudy teenager-thing going on. Little did she know Mommy was a ticking time bomb of emotion and tears. I don’t know if Patrick called to warn her or what, but I picked her up and lo and behold, she was super cheery. Freaked the heck outta me! I was not expecting her to give me some happy. I was expecting Lifetime TV mother-daughter drama! I needed to cry, all I needed was a sliver of a reason!!

We went grocery shopping and wouldn’t you know – right there in the frozen pizza aisle, the BEST idea popped in my head for the frames. Now we’re home, content, calm. I am happy Kathy again.

The picture above is the frame and wow, peeps, just wait til you see the magic that is about to come!!! Woot-woot!!!

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Love & light,

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