Working for the weekend

I can’t think of a recent weekend when I’ve had more fun than this one. I have been truly, “working for the weekend,” like the song says! 

It started Friday when I received my award for the Valle del Sol Profiles of Success luncheon. Almost 2,000 people attended! All my family came to support me, and I got to see so many friends from the art world, as well as the journalism scene too.

Not to mention, seeing the 180 centerpieces we made. At the end of the luncheon, one person from each table won one as a prize. As soon as we got home from the lunch, I headed over to the Heard Museum to check in on the carpenter’s progress with some of our structures. Our exhibit opens in less than a month!

Oh. My. Gah. The work Phil (the carpenter) did is way above and beyond anything I imagined. In the center of the gallery we will have a large Day of the Dead altar that looks like a big – no, make that a HUGE – cake.

We are turning the gallery into a house that is decorated the way people think OUR house looks. Glittered walls and stuff like that. For each room – we are making them look like a shadowbox, with frame/title and all.

While I was there on Friday, Cesar, one of the project managers, asked me “So, we’ll have 90% of everything next week, right?”

“Of course! Or at least close to it,” I replied, like no big deal…

…and then I ran home, just about Jackie Chan-kicked the front down, cupped my hands over my mouth and hollered: RED ALERT!!! CODE RED! NO ONE IN THIS HOUSE IS ALLOWED TO EAT, SIT, PLAY, OR LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

We all got to work like busy bees on quad Venti lattes.

I was so, um, inspired, that I dove into finishing up the dinette set. I tricked out the chairs with black glittered vinyl, lime green sequin, holographic rhinestone trim and yellow flowers for good measure. As for the table itself – I covered the top of it with my custom-mixed Crafty Chica “Be Bop Black” glitter. I added micro-stars and mini-dots of hot pink paint. I am going to add a coat of bartop varnish (resin) over the top of it. And yes! It is completely functional!!

Saturday, I decided to tackle the biggest project on my list yet – the headboard for the bedroom of the exhibit. I have a large slab of MDF and a bunch of wood plaques. I enrolled in Suzi Blu’s drawing class because I wanted to make all kinds of fun, dainty girls for each one. Nothing I do ever turns out dainty, but I am sure loving the class!

I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. last night working on my sketches and practicing my shading. I only went to bed because I had to. I didn’t fall asleep until 3:30 because I was hyped from having so much fun. I woke up this morning and started back in. As of right now, I have all the wood panels sketched out, and some of them painted (see picture above). I’ll be waking up at the crack of dawn to finish them up.

We have four days to get all these big pieces finished and delivered to the Heard. The staff is even sending over our friend Darian to help us! Oh, lordy, he has no idea what is in store for him tomorrow…(giggle). To think a couple of weeks ago I was worried about finishing up those 180 centerpieces. Now the exhibit deadline! If I wasn’t me, I would so be biting my nails in anticipation to see how it all turns out! Actually – I am ME and I am biting my nails to see how it turns out!

Also on the dock this week is making samples and writing directions for a bunch of projects from my Crafty Chica products! We’ll be posting them here, as well as on the Duncan site very soon! For those of you looking for items at the Michaels stores on the list – many items are sold out in certain areas. No worries! Other stores still have things in stock – so you can do one of two things:

1. Ask your local store manager if he/she knows if another store in the area has it and can inter-ship it over, or hold it for you.

2. Buy it on Amazon!

I promise a million times over that new DIY projects are coming super soon. Just need to get over this big time crunch deadline for the Heard and then I’ll be posting new projects for the season!


Love & light,

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  1. Hello. Congrats on everything! How great to do something you love so much and make a living at it too! Woud love to win an Empowerment Guardian (not to mention a cruise)! Thank you for everything you do for the art community and women everywhere. You are definitely a symbol of empowerment and inspiration.

  2. I love that angel painting! Also… I got my Sisterhood package today and I LOVE it! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to make something with my cupcake patch! :o)

  3. You’ve done a great job with the angel! I’m also in the class and am having a blast. Really really would love to win the Guardian and enter a chance to go on your cruise. how fun is that? Keep up all your great work.

  4. WOW! LOVE your ART! Would love to be entered in the Empowerment Guardian giveaway! Just saw the info on the CRUISE – ahhh sounds like a lovely way to create! Will be at the Grand Opening in San Antone! Hope to meet you there!Got to shop there this past weekend – great area and great shops. There’s a Books-a-million with a pretty good coffee shop in there – make a good cuppa frappe – my fav!

  5. I was howling with laughter when I watched Stacy’s (Craft Whore) video when she came to visit you at Michaels and bought all the empowerment guardians! Your museum exhibit it going to be amazing! That resin table with the glitter would be so fun to really use, talk about a great conversation peice over dinner!
    Please enter me in your give-way. Have a wonderful day!


  6. You are so inspiring! GO CHICA!
    I would LOVE to win an Empowerment Guardian to embellish and revere. She will guide me to your Crafyy Cruise and a life filled with creativity and joy! Ya. I NEED that Lady in my life.

    Thank you for all you do and this chance to win~: )

  7. Hola Crafty Chica!

    We hope you are are enjoying your evening and I hope the exhibit at the Museum is a hit. Everything looks great, I LOVE IT 🙂
    Please include my name in the raffle for the empowerment guardian!
    Besos y abrazos,


  8. You are so very talented and capable. I’ll be honest, though, I worry about you. Is there anyway you could hire some help or delegate some of the trivial projects? Keep this up and I’m fearful that you will burnout. Then who would we turn to for inspiration. Please slow down an enjoy that family of yours. I bet you don’t even have time to read these comments. This suggestions is made with only the kindest of wishes for your continued healthful success.

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