A happy Monday; choosing a title for my novel

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I’ve had a whirlwind of traveling this month. It’s all great stuff that will leave a good impression on “the big picture”. That’s how I judge things when it comes to work and my time. I always think “how does this effect the big picture?”. If it is nothing, I try to do away with it, if it has a strong impact (or if it is something I really, really love), I’ll go for it.

I got home from Maker Faire (it rocked!) yesterday morning, and then Patrick and I gave a lecture to local artists about the many stages and opportunities of growing an art career. Today has been all about catching up! Believe it or not, I take off yet again tomorrow! I’m back in Fresno for another round of Crafty Chica product development. It’s really exciting, even more so than last time, because now I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it! Last year I rode the waves while the knowledgeable Duncan staff held my hand and directed me.

I’m also working on my novel revisions and will be for the next couple of months. As of today, we still hadn’t decided on a title. Nothing clicked – despite dozens of ideas. My editor told me that there is no rhyme or reason, you just know it is right when you hear it.

This morning we settled on three titles to choose from. They all sound good in theory, and I like them, but no goosebumps. Slightly frustrated, I took one idea and fell onto my bed. I closed my eyes and let it simmer in my brain. It led to one idea, which I liked. And then another, which I liked a bit better – still no goosebumps!

All of a sudden it hit me! I found the title!! I swear I heard church music and witnessed sun rays shooting out of my computer from across the room. Yo la tengo! I have it!!!

I hollered out the name across the house. Patrick and the kids hollered back: “YES! THAT IS THE TITLE TO YOUR BOOK! You did it!!! That’s it!”

I called my friend Randy, who is a tough critic and seasoned copy editor and writer. He has vetoed every name idea so far. “YES!” he said. “It’s cute and catchy! I like it!”

I asked a couple of my other friends and they immediately answered back with all their thumbs over their heads too.

Totally loca-ed out and doing the running man, I stumbled over to desk, out of breath, and banged out an email to my editor. I sat and waited for her rep;y. And waited more. And waited even more… After that minute passed, I realized it was 3:30 my time, which meant 6:30 her time. ARGH…! She had likely left for the day.

It has been an excruciating night. I’m like a chipmunk on speed, I am so antsy to for the morning to come so I can read her reply. She has the final say and I’m praying she loves it as much as I do. Then I can share it with you! I have never been more convinced about anything else ever! Well, except when it comes to choosing a good high gloss varnish…

I’m off to bed! Cross your fingers for me, please!

UPDATE: I could not sleep all night. I feel like a 10-year-old on Christmas Eve. Silly!
I left my computer on so I could hear the “ding” of new mail.

5:50 a.m.: Nothing yet.

6:12 a.m.: Nothing yet.

6:19 a.m.: She replied! SHE LOVES IT TOO! Now it just goes to marketing staff (I must stay calm and patient a bit longer) and if they love it, it is final!!

OK, now I can go to bed in peace. Uh..except that it is time for me to wake up!

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