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Dia de los Muertos Charm Bracelet


Looking for something spectacular and special to wear for Dia de los Muertos? Sport some skully style with this dangly charm bracelet!

Chain link bracelet
Charms, beads
Eye pins, head pins
Needlenose pliers
White polymer clay, black paint

Make it:
Pinch off small bits of clay and shape into mini skulls. Clip an eye pin down so you can insert it in the top of the skull (so you can hang it from the bracelet). Bake per directions on package. Now feed beads thru headpins and attach to link bracelet. I like mine super dangly, so I add one or two charms/beads to each link. After skulls are done baking, use the head pin to paint on eyes, nose and teeth. Add a teeny drop of glue to hold eyepin in place, attach to bracelet.

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  1. I was drawn to your Charm Bracelet! Lovelovelove the skulls, and wish I could find some charms like the silver ones at my local stores 😀 I made a Halloween Charm bracelet from some bottle caps, it makes the best clinking sound…..


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