Help me interpret this dream.

Last week I was in three different time zones and it really caught up with me this weekend. I’m jet lagged and not thinking clearly. I’m clumsy. Despite that, I stayed up late last night working on my web site – all Halloween stuff.

I finally fell into bed around 1:30 a.m. I didn’t even say my prayers or vibe up before I surrendered my spirit to the night, as I always do. I don’t even remember falling asleep.

Next thing I know, I hear Patrick calling for me from the front door of our house.

“Kathy, we’re waiting for you, hurry up!”

I hop out of bed, mad that he didn’t give me any advance warning. I had a sense that this was a journey or trip we were going on and that I needed a suitcase. I fumbled out of bed and made it to my walk-in closet. I opened the door and it was all white and all my stuff had been covered in Rigid Wrap. As if someone had just left all my belongings as is and covered from floor to ceiling with the plaster cast stuff.

Confused, I backed out of the closet and saw that my entire bedroom had been covered in Rigid Wrap too. I crossed into another room and this tall skinny lady with her hair parted down the middle and pulled up into a bun, very gothic looking and expressionless, put her hands on my shoulders and tried to force me back into my room.

At that moment, I knew I was in the middle of a dream. I told her “Excuse me, I gotta go. Later! Bye! I can’t stay here!” and I wriggled my way out of her grip.

I then let out a gasp of air and sat straight up in my bed. It was 1:37 a.m. I flicked on the light and the TV set. I explained my dream to Patrick and he was like, “Whoa. I have no idea.”

I then said my prayers, fell asleep, and woke up very refreshed this morning. But man, that was a trippy dream!!!! Maybe because I had been working on Halloween stuff? I had also just read the spoiler synopsis for that new movie “Quarantine”.

Love & light,

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  1. it means you need to rest because you are hallucinating from sleep deprivation. last week you told us that out of the corner of your eye you saw a giant chihuahua and when you looked again it was your son! lol, but seriously it is a sign that in order to keep going at 100% on these wonderful activities, you need to take care of your body. we loves you chica, take care of yourself okay????

  2. Your room and your closet are obviously being prepared for all of your fans to decorate and win fabulous prizes! It sounds exactly like a fresh-out-of-the-box Empowerment Guardian. So maybe your home is ready for you to give it the La Casa Murillo treatment, hmmmm?

  3. Sounds like you’re “wrapped up” in too much. “Stark white can indicate rigidity, but a softer white is generally associated with the future and prophesy.” The woman might be telling you to pay attention to your closet.

    CLOSET: “A storage place for emotions and attitudes; may need cleaning (giving more thought to). Closing yourself off.” Seeing a closet in the dream: you need to find time to sort out your personal and work affairs.

  4. If this were MY dream (as my friend, who I always turn to to help interpret dreams says), I would say the dream is commenting on the need to keep some things preserved or in place, while you do what you need to do. The closet is an intimate place, a place only you and loved ones are privy to. So, to me, the closet is related to family life, your intimate life. The skinny lady, as you describe her, I’m GUESSING, is another version of you. I only know you from the few interviews I’ve seen, and of course, read your blog, but you seem to be a joyous, carefree person. But there is a part of you (there MUST be a part of you) that is able to organize and plan. Keep things in order. Since that part of you was in high gear for the last few weeks, and now she’s shunted to the background, it appears she leaked out a bit when she didn’t need to. You were resting, something you need after such a long journey. And the stern woman can’t help herself. Here she is, interrupting your sleep! Maybe there’s more work to be done, and she was offering a reminder. In my world, when I have been resting but my work world is full of tasks left to do, I get the “stern woman” in my dreams, too. She’s not a physical being, but a sensation….the feeling that someone has set on my bed hard to wake me up, or tugged on my toe. Yes, it’s freaky!!

    So, my advice, for what it’s worth, is to “tell” the stern woman that you have to rest as well as work, too. Maybe she’ll back down a bit.

    My two cents.

    Your success brings me such joy, I can’t even begin to explain. I hope to meet you in person one day! Please come to Austin, Texas!!!!!

  5. Kathy, particularly creative types tend to meet people in dreams who are actually characters we haven’t written/painted/whatever yet. That said, no one but you can truly interpret your own dreams. There might be symbols that are common to many, but your own mind can only be rightly scrutinized by yourself. Also, to paraphrase old Dr. Freud, sometimes a dream is just a dream–a mist in the night, a stewpot of the subconscious which in the end doesn’t really mean much of anything, other than making you feel weirder. 😉

  6. Okay, then, for reals, your house is you, and rooms in your house are aspects of you. (This is really basic dream interp, and I believe it because it made me “aha!” in a big way a couple of years ago.) So if your most personal rooms are covered up and obscured and you’re leaving them in a hurry, then yes, it’s time for some Kathy time. Unstructured, uncommitted, random, meandering, life-affirming Kathy enrichment.

    Obviously you won’t stop creating, but seek some gentle, non-goal-oriented activity that’s just fun and exploratory. The changes in your life, though positive, have been coming at breakneck speed, and there are some good things you want to preserve. Keep listening to your body and spirit; you know what you need. <3

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