Only at Duncan…

I go into work and spend the morning working on new Crafty Chica
product programs. I’m beyond happy. Cheryl, a designer, brings in
cookies she made from cake mix and Cool Whip. They are delicious, so
much that I eat two and a half. I set the remaining piece aside for

Next I find out there are snacks from India! Yoli eats some and cries
out that they are seasoned with chili. She quickly grabs a handful of
peanuts to counter the burn, she eats them and cries out again because
they were also seasoned in chili! Poor Yoli! I eat the peanuts along
with the fruit salad. Great combination!

Lunch is over and I feel a carb crash coming on. I still have a lot of
work to finish! Cheryl tells me that she and the other designers are
cleaning out the craft supply warehouse. She informs me there is free
glitter fabric for the taking!!!

I go to check out the fabric to find it is rolls and rolls of
glittered canvas! Red, purple, green, white and black! I’m on deadline
for my work so I quickly unroll, fold, and pack my treasures into two
boxes. Glittered canvas does not fold easy. It’s way bulky. Each box
is at least 25 pounds. I’m sweating more than a construction worker in
July, but boy, it is worth it!

15 minutes later I return to my desk, ready to rock again. I eat the
remaining half of the cake mix/Cool Whip cookie and wonder how I will
explain to Patrick my need of 50 pounds of glittered fabric.

This was a fun day in Fresno!

Love & light,

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  1. WOW – if anyone could find glitter fabric it would be you – I have never seen that until today in your picture!!!
    How awesome!! cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  2. When you find out how to tell hubby your NEED for storing all the fabulous art treasures until you use them, PLEASE let me know! I’m hiding stuff in my office at work, as I’m too embarrased to bring more stuff home after Mike built me custom shelves and I filled them!!! He says he doesn’t mind, because he knows I’ll make something with it eventually…but he has that “look”! Everytime I empty a box, I fill another!

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