PROJECT: Bollywood wall treatment

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This is a fantasy room I made for our Heard Museum exhibit. I wanted to create a colorful, yet relaxing spot to chill. To create this wall effect, I first painted the room in a bright teal, and then bright red about 3/4ths down. Next, I lined the bottom of the walls with handmade wrapping paper from India (purchased at IKEA). I then added painted swirls with flat, metallic and then with glittered paint. I added a variety of sizes of mini-mirrors all around the red area to pull it all together.
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  1. Hi Crafty Chica–
    Well thank you for your sweet comment! I must say, I was a bit embarrassed that you stumbled onto my page–I thought I linked your website, so I had no idea you would see it! I’m the simplest of crafters, and I just started out, but there is a crafting gene that runs in the fam, so hopefully I’ll get some use of it! You have some really awesome ideas! Thanks for being an inspiration! -“La Craftee Chola”

  2. I love this wall treatment!! The teal is so beautiful and who doesn’t love Bollywood!! I would be quite happy in a room like this! Especially after a hard day at work! Beautiful!!

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