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Upcycled scraps wind chime


Let’s make an upcycled scraps wind chime!

Today, we’re talking wind chimes. I’ve always wanted to make a glorious one, but didn’t know where to start.I wanted something over the top with layers of texture.

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I even had a vision: dangling bottles. I found one at Cost Plus and worked on it. . By the time I was finished, no one could tell it was the same chime. It’s perfectly OK to cheat a bit if you find the right foundation at a store. Take it and make it your own. Here is how I made this!

The idea is to use interesting objects. Look through your craft stash for buttons, old spools, beads, minimirrors, ribbons, trims and connect them for one wild eye-popping result.

Supplies for this upcycled scraps wind chime

1 wind chime with bottles
Glass paint, adhesive leading
Six-strand embroidery thread
Fishing wire
Embroidery needle
Assorted spools of thread (can be found at bargain stores)
Assorted spools of ribbon
Mini mirrors
Hot glue


Untie the bottles from the foundation. Apply the adhesive leading and decorate with glass paint. Let dry overnight. Re-attach the bottles to the foundation. Cut two 24-inch-long pieces of fishing line, and hot glue the mini mirrors to them, all the way down.

Tie each strand on the foundation, in between the bottles. Use the needle and embroidery thread to string beads, spools of thread and charms to ribbons about 24 inches long. Make four of these and tie them on in a balanced fashion.

Continue adding strands of whatever other items you like, such as bottle caps, flowers and even small painted pictures.

When hanging, make sure to use a secure hook, because your chime will be slightly heavy. If it is too heavy, reinforce by adding an extra stand.

Tip: Use a bit of hot glue on ribbon knots for extra holding power.


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I won Best of Phoenix!! Best Glitter!! OMG!!

I met Nicolas Sparks!


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