We’re done! (Almost)

Our exhibit opened tonight! It was a soft launch for museum members and sponsors. I was so nervous, these are high-art patrons who are used to seeing all kinds of incredible and worldy concoctions. I was so relieved when they gave us gushing reviews.

The staff at the Heard has made Patrick and I feel like world-class artists! We owe a big round of thanks to all the staff for making this happen. No request was out of the question. They brought our vision to life.

I just uploaded some videos on YouTube, they are taking a bit of time to process, but they should be live soon. Soooo much went into making this exhibit happen. From sketching the layout, to the theme, the floors, the frames, the colors, making more than 200 projects to be displayed, and then staging it all. It was worth every ounce of glittered sweat!

There are still a few items to be added. We painted bisque ware, but the kiln guy called in sick today, so we won’t have it in the show until Friday. We need to add a few little pieces here and there, but otherwise it is done!! Oh, it feels so good to say that! Tonight I asked Anne, one of the museum’s VIPs – “Were you worried we wouldn’t finish?” She paused and said, “Not at all. But did I expect it to be done a week early? No.” We all giggled, everyone knows us by now. Right down to the wire!

It’s not that we are slackers. In addition to his band and the Heard stuff, Patrick has been running the house because I also have a full-time job. In between working on the Heard for so many hours, I’ve been working on the Crafty Chica product line stuff (oh mama, COOL goodies coming soon!). It is like happy overload times 100.

However, all this exciting energy is frying my brain a bit. Here are some doozie phrases I shared this week:

“Darian, can you please hand me the scissors so I can plug in this lamp?”
(I needed to cut the zip tie that was wrapped around the cord)

“Hey, I saw a sign back there! It said something…”
(driving with Patrick looking for a quick place to eat)

“I like sushi as long as it doesn’t have raw fish.”
(Right before I bit into a California roll).

“This is a vase I made from glass-stained paint.”

OK, those were my quotes.

Here some that I heard…

“No Kathy, I don’t think you’ll have time to glitter a cactus today.”

“You’re in luck – yes, they DO have 33 yards of peacock green lame fabric!”

“Oh, you can put that where ever you want…Just not right there.”

I learned so much about myself this week. Like, I think I have OCD. I swear!! I’d look at a wall and see empty space. So I’d add filler. And then I would stand back and see more empty space on that same wall. So I added more. I’d look again and still see empty space. It was never ending! I cannot handle seeing any empty space…

Patrick and I did pretty good as far as collaborating. We only had one spat. It went like this:

HIM: Let’s go to the Duck to eat lunch and say hi to Tod.
ME: Noooo…I have no make up on, I don’t want to see anyone I know!!
HIM: Then why don’t you just put some make up on?
ME: ARE YOU SAYING I’M UGLY??? (I start to cry).

Since we are on the subject, can i vent a bit? There were some other little things. I made eight Chinese lanterns for the art niche, and he swiped three of them for the family room – and my special Carmen Miranda ornament that he glued to his faux fish tank! AND he was supposed to paint me two Chihuahua portraits, but they are no where to be seen…I better stop. He has crafty dirt on me too! I don’t like it when it comes back around…

Something else funny tonight – the band played at the reception. On the break, the bass player walks into the gallery, looks around and proclaims, “La Casa Murillo?? HA! Their house sure don’t look like this!”

I wanted to elbow him and throw him out by his belt loops! (JK) I explained to him that the theme of the show is that it is our fantasy house. Bass players. Geez!

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Love & light,

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  1. Congratulations on your art show. Wish it were a traveling one. Your fans in New England would love to see it too. So glad you’re sharing your adventures through your blog. You are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

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