Antique milagros from my aunt’s house

Last night at Thanksgiving, my Aunt Connie told me about her travels to Mexico. Recently she visited a church there that was closing. They gave her a big box of these antique milagros that people had prayed on and left at the church’s altars throughout the decades. She knows I love milagros and gave me a bag of them to take home.

I’m going to find a way to showcase them for my personal space. I often use milagros in my art, but I buy them shiny and brand new and the only energy on them is my own.

However, these are a different story.

I won’t dare use them for anything I will sell or demo because, just think – each of these milagros was used by someone in church praying for a miracle. They must hold a lot of power and energy and are to be respected and honored. They are beautiful because they are naturally rusted in all kinds of different shades from various time periods. Each one has it’s own story to tell. I keep thinking of nanas holding them and using them to pray for a cure for a loved one’s illness, a broken heart, goodwill, etc…

I love how my Aunt Connie has them displayed, in a big silver heart!

Love, love, love!


Love & light,

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  1. Beautiful collection of milagros that you have become the Caretaker of. On the contrary, I feel that you should place these milagros back into circulation, especially at this time when the world is changing. People need to be reminded about the power of Prayer and the prevalence of Miracles.

    May I suggest that you do use these Milagros in artworks that you sell, explaining to the new Custodians the meaning of them and how to use them. Donate the proceeds to a charity such as and be the Miracle Provider, the WishGranter for someone else. Advise the new Custodians of the Milagros that when their prayers have been answered, to pay it forward – to gift the Milagros to somebody else.

    Why should everything else be recyclable and not Milagros? God’s love is abundant and everflowing, I am sure these little pieces still have plenty of miracle-mileage in them. Set them free to
    continue their work in this world!

    Blessings Crafty Chica to you and your chihuahuas.

  2. You know, I LOVE that idea. You are so right. Every year, I do a Random Act of Kindness thingy (I’ve done before I even knew RAOK existed) where I give people ornaments, etc just because. Maybe this year I can do something with these and put the story of them and pass them out with a happy blessing. You are right -the more prayers out there, the better! Thank you for the insight, peace and love!
    Kathy 🙂

  3. What a fantasic treasure! I recently tried to find my baby teeth in my mom’s jewelry box and she had piles of old Catholic prayer metals she had collected as a young Catholic schoolgirl. They were so incredible…but she only parted with one for my little girls charm bracelet.

  4. Those milagros are beautiful! We used to sell some that looked “used” at a store I used to work at in Pasadena. I knew that they had possibly been used and now that I think of it… eek! I hope the new owners respect the emotions and hope behind each little piece. I like the idea of selling them, but with the explanations involved and to keep them moving. That’s really really sweet! Any direction you go though, wow… it’s a bowl full of treasures 🙂

  5. I’m with CHL. When you go to churches across Mexico, you’re inspired to strike a few extra prayers as you see the milagros that represent the pain and suffering of others and their hope for God’s grace. Suerte on your caretaking endeavor!

  6. How lucky you are. You deserve them that the reason your Tia give them to you. I will love to buy one if you ever sale them. Blessings to you and your familia.

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