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DIY corazón tissue candles

 You’ll love the entire process of this DIY corazón tissue candles project. It comes together beautifully and looks so pretty!


This is from my Art de la Soul book! These candles will add a rustic, vintage feel to your holiday decor – whether it is for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Heck, we could all use love any time of the year!

Supplies for diy corazón tissue candles:

PIllar candle

Tissue paper with heaarts or whatever design


embossing gun

paper plate

glue stick


Tear or cut out the image from tissue or newsprint paper.

Apply the glue stick on the back of the image. Set in place on front of the candle.

Hold the candle while resting the bottom on the paper plate. Tilted at an angle, and run the embossing heat tool over the image in a swirl motion.

You will see the candle wax melt and absorb the paper. Keep moving the heat so the wax won’t melt too much in one area. 

There will be drips of wax, but you can even out the look by running the heat on the other areas of the candle. When the image is melted candle, let it cool.

Add any desired embellishments.

NOTE: Stick with very thin tissue. You can also decoupage tissue around a faux candle for a similar effect.

Always use caution when working with ir lighting candles. Never leave them unattended.

diy corazón tissue candles

It’s up to you if you want to light them.

I bought cheap dollar store candles and I don’t light them, I just use them for decoration or photo shoots. They are too pretty to burn away!

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diy corazon tissue candle

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A chair I painted 10 years ago!

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