Corazon Candles


This is from my Art de la Soul book! These candles will add a rustic, vintage feel to your holiday decor – whether it is for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Heck, we could all use love any time of the year!

You take picture printed on lightweight paper ( like thin gift wrap, newsprint, etc), lightly glue it to the front of the candle. Then you take some melted candle wax and brush it over the image so it covers the image. All you need is two coats to make the picture look embedded in the wax. To make it look more worn and aged, run a heat gun over it a couple of times – not too close, just enough for the wax to show through the paper…

It’s up to you if you want to light them. I bought cheap dollar store candles and I don’t light them, I just use them for decoration or photo shoots. They are too pretty to burn away!

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