Crafty Chica Cruise Contest winner!

The judges have spoken! I asked the marketing and design staff at Duncan Enterprises to vote on their top three favorites. I asked them because they don’t know any of the entrants and I wanted them to have a clean, fresh perspective. I also appreciate that they are a very diverse group. From tattooed college chicas to working office moms to award-winning seasoned designers, they had the scope covered!

I’m a little late posting the winner because I wanted to get in all the final tallies. I had thought of taking the top three and then having a public vote – but this entry won by a landslide. Second and third place were very close, so they will get a prize too!

(Pssst – I know I still have my previous prizes from the photo contest to mail – those are being sent out this week, promise!! I was out of town so much last month!)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!! Your amazing work blew me away. If it had been my choice, I would have picked everyone because I could see and feel how much energy you put into your guardian. Please know i appreciate you and your work so much. Those of you who entered but didn’t win, you still get a $20 discount if you want to go on the cruise anyway! Let me know so I can give your name to the agency. That is a treat from me because I know you worked very hard on making your guardian fabulous and meaningful!

Now about our winner! First place: POKERLADIES on Flickr!! Prize is a FREE spot on the 3rd Annual Crafty Chica Cruise!

She says:

“My Guardian is “Our Lady Of Divine Motherhood”. She was inspired by the most important aspect in my life, my son. Becoming a Mother has been the best experience of my life and I feel SOOO blessed as a woman to be able to go through this! Motherhood has taught me how to love more deeply than I could ever imagine. My guardian serves as a symbol of how lucky and rich with love my life has become since becoming a Mother. YAY!!!”

Second Place: Cecelia Alvarado, prize is $100 discount from cruise, or $100 gift certificate from my store,
She says:

“This is me with my Cruise Contest Entry – Santa Margarita. Here you can see she is crafted with red, purple and yellow glass mosaic tiles and is praying a hand-beaded rosary.

Name of Guardian: Santa Margarita

Theme: Prayer and the rosary

Inspiration: My grandmother, Margarita Alarcon Alvarado was the greatest inspiration of my life. She was such a loving woman that all the children in her neighborhood flocked to her and called her “Grandma”. She taught me, very young, to sew, iron, do needle work, cook and garden. My most precious memories of her transport me to her bedroom, where we would sit on her bed and she would spread out photographs and would tell me stories of my father’s childhood and of her own – growing up in a mining town in Arizona. She would always talk about her first grandchild, who died of pneumonia as an infant, and would cry as she told the stories of the baby saying her first word “Api” for airplane, as it flew in the sky overhead. We would always finish the story sessions by praying the rosary. The sight of these (rosary) beads today bring a flood of emotion and hope to my life. So, I have chosen to dedicate this creative endeavor to her, and how she started me on my path to a life blessed with handmade arts, delicious traditional Mexican cooking and her presence beside me, everyday, saying the rosary in prayer for me. “

Third place: Yoli Manzo, prize $50 discount from cruise or $50 gift certificate from my store,
She says:
“Name: Goddess de Colores.
Feeling blocked? Call on Goddess de Colores to show you the way to all of your colorful spirits!”

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Love & light,

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  1. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I am SO beyond thrilled!! I can’t wait for the cruise. It is going to be a blast! I am truly humbled. All the entries are so amazing and I feel so honored and thankful to be chosen. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

    Ginger Rivera xoxoxoxox

  2. Guat? Haha, OMG, I am so suprised. There were some amazing entries. I am so thrilled to be a runner up!

    I know it must have been a hard choice, all the chica’s did a fantistico job!

    Congratulations to the winner! This is going to be an amazing experience!


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