GO MAKE ME A COOKIE! And other adventures from a crafty weekend.

LAST FRIDAY: Patrick and I leave to Dallas/Irving, TX to Michaels headquarters! We were invited to demo a glittery greeting card craft to company employees. We had exactly one hour from the time our plane landed to arrive to the event. If all went well, we would make it. Our plane lands early, we have no check-in luggage, and there is no line for the rental cars. We hop on the road and I whip out my handy MapQuest directions, just like we successfully used on the Spread the Sparkle Tour last summer – and what do you know…the directions were 100% screwy.

After 40 minutes of driving on every freeway in Dallas, I ditch the paper and whip out my “trusty, beloved iPhone” (inside joke for people who get my mobile emails). I do the map search, click on directions, start route, and the red pin drops and then the green pin drops – right on top of it.

“It says we’re here” I announce, confused.

“Well, we’re not here!” Patrick replies.

15 minutes later, we’re here. 15 minutes late. The gracious PR director, April, assures us all is just fine and escorts us to “the room”. Right before she opens the door, she says, “They’ve been anxiously waiting for you!” We walk in and there is a whole group of smiling crafty ladies sitting in rows of chairs facing the main stage that has a big Crafty Chica sign on it and all our supplies. This was a rowdy group, they are so ready to get their glitter on! My kind of peeps! I get on the stage and April hooks up a mic to my shirt so the crowd can hear me talk over the other events in taking place.

On one side is a demo of detailed cookie decorating, and the other is home to the fabulous senior designer of Michaels, Jo Pearson, showing how to make Texas-size fluffy ribbon bows. Talk about intimidating! I gulp, pray for the best, and explain my craft. I then invite everyone to gather round and make a card. I hop off the stage and join them at the art tables. There is a mad frenzy for paper, glitter, glue and scissors. I’m so digging it! We use the Crafty Chica Loteria cards, Crafty Chica Glitter, Crafty Chica Mojito papers, Aleene’s Paper Glaze and Aleene’s Tacky Glue Sticks. Even some dudes from accounting come and make cards! (Yes, plural!) I am beyond happily surprised to find some of my Twitter, Flickr and Facebook friends there too.

As fulfilling as all this may sound, I am distracted by a smell. The yum-overload scent of the icing from the cookies across the room. I glance over and see a lady opening the lid off a big tub of frosting. I force myself to look away. I pop up my head from the crowd around me, swivel it around to find Patrick, and yell to him: “GO MAKE ME A COOKIE!”

Not “Will you please make me a cookie?” but GO MAKE ME A COOKIE!

After THREE tries, he finally gets the hint I’m serious and goes to make me my dang cookie. He’s at the table a long time. “How long does it take to put icing on a cookie?” I’m thinking. I didn’t want a fancy design. We’re talking primal instincts here. I just wanted a cookie with icing!

Patrick comes back with a cookie that is fully loaded with four colors of icing, dripping over the sides. There is a big heart in the center, topped with edible glitter and some kind of colorful, textured toppings. I steal a second away from the crowd to take a big bite, which sounds (and tastes) like I just bit into a spoonful of Cap’n Crunch.

“NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A COOKIE!” I giggle, nodding in approval to Patrick.

He says:

“Your mic is on.”

Aside from possibly the whole room hearing me bark dessert orders to my husband, we had a great day, and met so many cool folks!

There is one thing about people who work in the craft industry – we LOVE our jobs! Everyone is always energetic to talk and share their favorite technique or the latest project they made, etc. (BTW, this can be you too. There are so many ways to get into this industry if you are serious. I’ll post a list here soon!)

Sunday we were in Denton at the Michaels store grand opening, and that event rocked too! Thank you to everyone who came out to see us, we appreciate it so much!!!

Tomorrow I leave for Fresno to hang out at Duncan Enterprises to do more product development and prototyping!!! Crafty geek confession: Every time it is the night before I leave for Duncan, I can’t sleep because I’m so excited. I toss and turn, wondering what the week will behold, kinda like the first day of school. And then the days go by so fast while I’m there, yet we get so much done and have a blast doing it. I swear, I wish I could videotape while I’m there so you could see what I mean. There are walls of product mockups, design sketches, props galore, and a conference room that is painted in all different bright colors. Plus all the crafty slang that normal people wouldn’t understand.

OK, end of crafty geek confession.

At night I plan to work hard on my novel revisions which are due in January. And as of tomorrow I’m dedicating a chunk of my energy to getting healthy and ditching cookies altogether!!!

P.S. Remember this post? I have found peace. I found a new chandelier to trick out!

It’s not the original one I made for the Heard exhibit, but cool beans because that one will be my special ‘collectors item’ for my house. I’ll have pictures soon of the new versions!

See the new line of Crafty Chica products at HERE Amazon.com!! All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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  1. Glad the demo went well, despite the directions snafu. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your tips for getting into the business. I followed up on your other post about the CHA contest–thanks so much for that! Fingers crossed!

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