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Collage Watch Charms

I’m a sucker for any kind of old jewelry, especially if it comes cheap. Recently I was at a thrift store and purchased a perky collection of unfixable men’s watches. Anything that has a deep-dish element is always considered an asset in my crafty mind. I converted my newfound treasures into wearable shadowbox-like pendants, rings, and bracelets. These can also be used as holiday ornaments, fan/light pulls, wall art, etc. Although, I love wearing them. They make me think about the dashing gents who originally splurged on the timepieces. It feels good to put the watches back in the spotlight!

Collage Watch Charms

Old men’s watches (from flea market or thrift store)
Extra strength adhesive
Decorative art paper or paint
Images copied to glossy photo paper
Micro glitter
Sequins, crystals or other tiny objects
White craft glue
Two-part resin
2 large jump rings
Headpins, beads, needle nose pliers
Necklace hardware, ring blanks, or pin backs

Take apart the watch by removing the back. Keep a few of the smaller pieces for your design, and set aside the rest. Add a thin line of extra strength adhesive along the lip of the backing and replace it. Let dry. This will prevent the resin from seeping out of the seam. Line the back of the watch “window” with paint or white craft glue and art paper. Line the edges with glue and micro glitter. Cut out your image and set it inside. Add any other small items. Mix the resin according to the package directions and fill the watch. Let set overnight until the resin is hardened. Add the jump ring to the top, and then add the chain. Add ring another to the bottom. Slide the beads on the heads pins and use the needle nose pliers to attach them.
Tip on resin: Blow out air bubbles with a straw.
Variation: You can also thread a ribbon through the openings (or a watchband!) and wear it on your wrist. You can also use vintage women’s watches – they are much smaller but you can fit in a charm or button.


Inspiration Friday: author Jeff Rivera

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