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Picture Perfect Rubik’s Cube

Gather family around the cube

Every Thanksgiving tablescape could use some new spice this year – and I’m not talking about Auntie’s pumpkin pie. I’m referring to conversation starters and activities.

Visit a dollar store and pick up Rubik’s Cubes for everyone who will share your feast. Gather odds and ends from your craft room or sketch a design and shop for the specific supplies. The idea is to transform the Rubik’s Cube into a fun family heirloom. There are too many variations to count, but here are a few items you may want to include: family quotes, black-and-white or sepia-tone images of family members, magnetic poetry, pictures of Thanksgiving foods, mosaic tiles, or gems and crystals.

Artful Rubik’s Cube Table Favors


• Rubik’s Cubes

• 1 sheet of art, copy or other kind of paper

• Fabric

• Small punches, letter beads, charms, stickers (optional)

• Paint

• Family photos shrunk to fit cubes’ squares

• Scissors

• Craft knife

• Extra-strength white craft glue

Rubiks cube family pictures on craftychica.com


Replace the colored sides of each cube with various items or art techniques. Decide on themes for each side. For example, one side is all letter beads, another is covered with star stickers, another is photos, etc. Keep in mind you want the cube to be able to rest flat on a table and it will be handled a lot, so don’t make it clunky.

Work on one side at a time and apply your items. If you are using photos or paper designs, you can have one large image to cover the side (use the craft knife to slice between the channels) or attach tiny pictures on each small cube. Make one for each place setting.

Inspiration Friday: Danny Boyle

Mini-Mirror Garland


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