Sketchy thoughts about the Kindle, Fudgy Banana Bread & other random items.

I’m supposed to be writing tonight, working on my novel revisions (due by January!), but I needed a little break to vibe up. So – I doodled and sketched some of the characters in my book. Granted, they don’t fully look the way I see them, I’m a novice illustrator, but it was fun to play around with their faces and daydream about about their story lines. Eventually I want to make a shadow box for each of them too!

Sometimes the best way to move forward on a big project is to step aside and work another part of your brain. This exercise sure helped me tonight, I feel like I’m ready to jump back on the keys!

Other things…I should be worrying about my lost camera, I have to send over pictures of my craft column to my editor tomorrow! I need my camera to do that and I’ve been searching for the past two days. I’ve already sent a plea out to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost items.

Oh! After years of contemplation, I finally splurged and bought an Ott-Lite. You know, one of those fancy crafter lamps? I set it up last night and wow, what a difference in lighting! I never bought one before because I felt guilty spending money on a lamp. Target desk versions have always served me well. But they had the Ott-Lites on sale and I went for it. I can’t afford to change out all my work lamps for these gourmet fixtures, but it is nice to have one at my main area.

We saw Twilight this weekend and enjoyed it. Immensely, thanks to Robert Pattinson! Poor kid, his life will never be the same. He reminds me of Leonardo after Titanic came out.

Well, aside from my exciting lamp shopping and movie watching, I’m working on a bunch of holiday craft ideas that I can hardly wait to post here! Whatever extra pockets of times I have (waiting for meat to cook on stove, etc.), I’m reading Kate Jacobs sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club, called Knit Two. It comes out today!

Speaking of books, I put in my wish list to Patrick and the kids for my birthday and Christmas present – the Amazon Kindle! We ordered it, only to find it will take weeks to arrive (second week of December!). I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it and look at it as an iPod for books. Yes, I adore the feel of a real book in my hands, but for traveling and other times, the Kindle will come in handy. Plus, I read a LOT and could sure use the cabinet space!

I’m so happy it is Thanksgiving week! We have four houses to visit in one day on Thursday. I’m trying to decide which chubby delight recipe I should make – Fudgy Banana Bread or Fudgy Irish Whiskey Bread Pudding. And then it is FRIDAY!!! Looking forward to decking la casa out in lights and sparkly ornaments! I LOVE this time of year!! I must admit, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since last week…

FGC: Enough with the sugary happy holiday talk. I’m just gonna lay it on the line. Right here, right now. I did something really low. I am ashamed.

Tonight I snuck out of the house for a late night donut run with my sister. I was joking when I asked if she wanted to go, and she said yes. Everyone was asleep in my house. She drove up real slow, headlights off, to pick me up. I wore my paint clothes, Patrick’s big flannel jacket and flip flops. I looked like a homeless lady who lives in the Home Depot dumpster. First we hit Dunkin Donuts, but it was closed. We could have taken it as a sign to go home, but NO. We hit up the corner Safeway next. I don’t know what the heck came over me. And then I tried to tip-toe back in the house without waking anyone up, and our yappy dogs went on a red alert barking frenzy. Patrick gets out of bed to find me holding a big pink box in the entryway. Darned Chihuahuas!

I regret it so much. I’ve lost 10 pounds in the week, felt so proud. And then I mess it up by going on a thoughtless rogue pastry mission. Grrr.

I feel better I came clean. Tomorrow is new day. Have a good one!

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Love & light,

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  1. I love how all those seemingly random thoughts rolled into one funny blog entry. Get back in the saddle girl! You can do it. I need to get on the horse. I went to Women of Faith this weekend and one of the speakers was talking about how she didn’t like the word diet, after all it has die in it. So she is on an edit. So I will start editing what I eat soon.

  2. Poor you! You are so funny! I find myself in the same donut hole you are in – lose some weight, sneak some sugar – when will it all end?! Take care and have a fabulous Thanksgiving. By the way, I have been setting Sunday afternoons aside to make stuff, just like we talked about. Thanks for the encouragement! Jennifer

  3. Fudgy Irish Whiskey Bread? Is that posted someplace? Sounds awesome!!!

    Regarding the donuts. Hey, we’re all human. You’re eating better than you were,right? It’s a process …

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