You can never have too much hot pink paint…

I have oodles of important and fun things to blog about this week, but before I go there I want to share some goodies I made this weekend. It felt soooooo good to just go in the art room, grab whatever was around and give it the Chica makeover. OK, ready, Freddie?

“Make It Shine” mixed media frame.
Remember a few weeks back when I was all excited about a novel title I thought of? Well, it was CRAFTY CHICAS MAKE IT SHINE and…it didn’t pass. But – that is a GOOD thing, because my magnificent editor came up with an even better title that will make people immediately pick up the book to read the back cover to see what the heck it is about. I’ll be releasing the official title later this month! Back to the frame. I really love the phrase of “Make it shine” so I made it the theme of this piece. I’m going to set a mirror in there, that way whoever buys it can get in a great mindset for the day! I used my Crafty Chica paints, glitters and Glossy Gloss Varnish.

Saints. Congrats to all the cruise winners! I was so inspired by all wonderful Empowerment Guardian entries that I made a few of my own!

El Perrito painting. This is a painting Patrick did of our dog, Bootsie. I have Bootsie news. *Clears throat*
OK, remember when he knocked up ChaCha and we immediately got him fixed? Well, being the stud he is, we didn’t do it fast enough because our other dog, Bianca, is pregnant and due any day. We’ll get her fixed too and then NO MORE DOGS FOR US! Four Chihuahuas are plenty!

Crosses. Here are some crosses I tricked out with Crafty Chica paints, clay, glitter and varnish.

A shadowbox I had “set aside” for a special project a couple of years ago. I just barely found it this weekend and made this.

Wood birdhouses made from the Crafty Chica Loteria, paints, glitters and varnish.

I’ll eventually post these in our store!

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