50 Gifts to MAKE That Look Like You Bought Them!

This special package is inspired by last week’s Oprah’s Holiday special. Oprah always inspires me! I loved her idea about writing thoughtful notes to people and the embellished boxes to put them in.

I know my parents, brothers and sisters would appreciate that – but if that was all I gave them, they’d probably knock me on the head…

So I decided to take it a step further and pull together a list of gifts you can make that won’t cost a lot of money, but will look like you bought them at the store. And they will go great with the box of notes!

Many of these ideas have the “chica philosophy” of empowerment, sparkle, and good karma. I’ve had this site for eight years and I had hundreds of projects to choose from, it was very hard!

I hope you can find a few ideas to help get you through the season!

I hope Oprah would be proud of this!

1. Ugly Betty-inspired initial necklace.
2. Little Birdie Peace Tote.
3. Frida Jewelry Set.
4. Microscope Slide Necklaces.
5. Embossed Wood Picture Necklace.
6. Skull Charm Bracelet.
7. Fancy Felt Dish Towels.
8. DIY Mighty Magnets.
9. Postcard Pillows.
10. Yarn Mosaic Lamp.
11. Happy Hangers.
12. Glittered Barstool.
13. Fiesta Barstool.
14. Vintage Coin Frame.
15. Warrior Angel Shadow Box.
16. Crazy Mosaic Mirror.
17. Concrete Coasters.
18. Ribbon-trimmed Frame.
19. Screened Earring Holder.
20. Ultra Gaudy Mosaic Desk Set.
21. Beaded Bottle Toppers (with bottles).
22. Micro Bead Frames.
23. Desktop Bamboo Water Fountain.
24. Bejeweled Champagne Flutes.
25. Love Shrine.
26. World Traveler Gift Box Set.
27. Stenciled Fan.
28. Stamped Clay Boxes.
29. Framed Paper Art.
30. Loteria Luminaria.
31. Dress Shirt Laptop Sleeve.
32. Comic Book Belt.
33. Homegirl Laptop Sleeve.
34. Tricked Out Tee.
35. Revamped Granny Handbag.
36. Wood-burned Purse.
37. Painted Suitcase.
38. Old School Photo Album.
39. Glittered Bird in a Cage.
40. Revamped Chandelier.
41. Crafter’s Good Energy Shrine.
42. Custom Dinnerware Set.
43. Dreamy Pillowcase Set.
44. Customized Empowerment Guardian.
45. A Set of Novela Notecards.
46. Oilcloth Messenger Bag.
47. Mixed-Media Windchime.
48. Bleached Out Sneakers.
49. Scripted Frame.
50. Mixed-Media Address Book.

Love & light,

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  1. Kathy-
    Do you ever go to Mexico and pick up those little tin frames used for crafting? I can’t find them anywhere and I have gotten them from you in the past. Input them on my nicho boxes.

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