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Candy Cane Snowflake Bark


These are so cute and super swift to make for holiday get-togethers! And quite yummy too…

1 snowflake set silicone baking pan (found in baking section)
White melting chocolate
Crushed candy canes
Plastic bowl
Mixing spoon
NOTE: If you can’t find snowflake molds, no worries, just use circles or stars. Any silicone molds will do!

Heat the melting chocolate according to package directions. You can use the microwave kind from the craft store, or the gourmet kind. If you go with the latter, you’ll need to use a double boiler. Just read the package directions.

Once your chocolate is melted (stir it until all the lumps are gone and it is smooth), pour it in the plastic bowl and stir in the crushed candy canes. Mix and then pour into the molds. You can make thin and crispy ones, or super mongo sized ones like I did (see picture). Let cool and then pop out.


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5 thoughts on “Candy Cane Snowflake Bark”

  1. Add a little household “baking” wax during the melting cycle and stir in if you want them to look shiny (as if they were store bought!)

  2. Yes, I believe that is what its called–but I couldn’t think of the name. (The stuff lasts forever so I’ve been using the same box for a few years now!)


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