Drama Daddy vs the Dashboard on craftychica.com

Drama: Daddy vs. the dashboard

Drama Daddy vs the Dashboard on craftychica.com

I’m cooking up some fun ideas for the holidays!!

I meant to have everything posted by tonight, but my daddy had emergency surgery this weekend, our car overheated AGAIN, and I went on a crazy, unnecessary tie-dye bender.

Dad is doing great, everything went better than expected! Tie-dye came out bold and brilliant.

Our wheel situation, however, is a different story. I saved up some moola to buy an official “chicamobile”. After much research, I decided on a bright red Chevy HHR .

2008 Chevy HHR on craftychica.com

I love that car, it is so cute and sporty. I rented one for a couple of days to make sure I loved it from the inside out. I was right – I adored the interior, the dashboard, the roomy seating! Unfortunately, by Day 2, I realized there were a couple of chunky blind spots, and I’m just a tad too tall to get comfy in it. I kept hunching over because the windshield was very low.

Patrick said I had my La Sad Girl face on when we returned it to the rental place. Get this, as we were driving home, our 4Runner started smelling hot again. We just fixed it a month ago! It’s at 170,000 miles. It has served us well. It wants to be put to rest. We decided we are going to trade it in and get something new, SUV style, to handle our busy adventures.

I spent all night looking at cars online. I learned that I am a super sucker. I got super excited over some great deals on Craig’s List, only to find out they were scams. Car shopping is very stressful. I can hardly wait until we are over this bump in the road (pun intended)!!

If you have any suggestions for a artsy vehicle for an active family of four, please share them in the comments!

Aside from my dramz, I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. After all the years I’ve spent buying cars, you are going to get the best deal from getting a car brand-new. Watch the sales. The car lots are offering some good deals, you know you are the only persons driving the car so you know the history, and the car will have a warranty. Treat yourself and your family to safety and quality. You deserve it!

  2. Your poor 4Runner! It has lived a long life, it’s time to go. 🙂

    I love the Honda Element. We almost bought one, but it was not the most convenient to get an infant seat in and out. If my kids were older we would have had one for sure.

    My husband suggested the Ford Edge. They are pretty reasonably priced, too.

    Good luck!!


  3. I love HHRs! They’re cool looking a smaller than an SUV but still roomy enough for craft stuff! I plan to get one once my current car wears out. Enjoy!

  4. I REALLY like my Toyota RAV4. It seats 4 comfortably. I can see out well. It goes and goes. I can put all kinds of stuff in it. When my mother wants me to pick up some piece of furniture to take it here or there, she then wonders if it will fit. So far, all furniture has fit in the thing when you fold down the rear seats. Toyota is now willing to deal where they weren’t before. Do you belong to a credit union or AAA? YOu can let them do the haggling for you. You can go test drive at a dealership and walk out without the hassle of dealing with them. Then call the car buyer and tell them what you want and how much you want to pay and they’ll deal for you. I agree with taz’s comments about getting a new car. If you get used, you only get another headache soon after you purchase.
    My friend has a Honda Element. I though it had a very stiff ride and was noisy. Stuff rattled even when new and empty. My friend doesn’t hear well, so it doesn’t bother him.
    You know from your 4Runner that Toyotas run well for a long time. And you might be able to find one in RED!!
    Good luck!
    Denny in Sahuarita

  5. Well, since I bought my last car based on ease of getting dogs into it, I’m probably not the greatest resource. Except know exactly you need the thing to do and find the best vehicle to do it.

    I really want to know more about this tie dye bender, and hope it comes out soon. (I’ve had those.. and feel another coming on…)

  6. I am on my second Jeep Liberty and I am a huge fan!!! Next time you’re in Fresno we should take a drive. When I’ve gotten new cars in the past, the “new car excitement” wears off after a few weeks but I’ve never stopped loving my Jeep. Easy to drive, sporty look and you can pile so much in them since the seats all fold down in both directions to be completely flat.

  7. Kathy,
    You are hilarious. If you lived in Austin, we’d be best friends… :o)
    ANYWAY, about the car thing: since I am a carpool mom, I pretty much have to drive a mini-van (ugh) BUT when we got our last one (“gently used”) I picked out a red one, and am planning on having big white polka dots painted on it. What the heck? I haven’t done it yet, but I think it’ll be sooo cute… and will make people smile when they see me coming down the road. So whatever car/van/SUV you get, you can always decorate it, girl! :o) Make it the CraftyChicamobile! :o)
    Martha Cole, Austin TX

  8. My car currently has 137,000 miles, and I’ve been looking at the Subaru Forester…I have a couple friends who have them, and I find them comfy for a tall person.

  9. Get a Honda Element. You will love how it seems to fit everything inside of it. Haha, it’s helped me through IKEA runs, grocery runs AND Michael’s runs.
    And I have dogs who LOVE to ride in it! 🙂
    Good luck!

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