Custom-mixed Glitter Spices

It’s a few days before Christmas (and it is already Hanukkah!) and you still have a few gifts to nab. No worries! This is a brilliant idea for the crafty person in your life!

Glitter spices! (For crafting, not eating, silly!)

What makes these so special is that you will custom-mix the colors!

Visit your local thrift shop and check out the bric-a-brac selection. You can almost always find these old spice jars, maybe even the rack to hold them. Use the name of the spice as the theme for your glitter shade.

Of course, I used all Crafty Chica Glitters for mine, but you can use any glitters you want! The idea to make the glitter look just as old as the jar – to do that you will need to “antique” the colors.

For cinnamon, I used 3 parts Crafty Chica Rockabilly Ruby, 2 parts Be Bop Black and 1 part Nova Blue.

For cloves, I used 3 parts Goddess Gold and 1 part Nova Blue, and a pinch of Be Bop Black.

For celery, I used 3 parts Glamour Queen Green, 1/2 part Bollywood Blue and 1 part Tulip white.

Use a small bowl to mix your colors and a chopstick for stirring. Use a rolled up sheet of typing paper to fill the jars. Be careful not to spill!

Those are just my variations. You can remove the label altogether and create your own names. You can theme them around fairy dust, sugar, shimmer powders, etc. If you can’t find these vintage spice jars, use any other kind of small container. Package them in a box with some shredding paper and there you have one nice gourmet set of one-of-a-kind glitters! You can’t go wrong! Think of how special your friend or family member will feel knowing you were a crafty chemist in their honor.

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  1. Yet, another crafty idea!
    You inspired me to decorate Christmas ornaments and give them to friends this year. (another Crafty Chica project, ya’ll) They were a HUGE hit…very glitterlicious!

    Keep the crafty goodies coming – we love them. Happy Holidays filled with inspiration to you and your family! 🙂 Marg

  2. nah, i disagree. it doesn’t say anywhere that this is a gift for kids. we all know better than that. there are all kinds of things that are packaged as food but are not for example like candle cupcakes and the glitter that comes in the sugar shaker jars. i use food containers to organize my beads and jewelry supplies. like with anything it is about keeping things out of kids reach! this is a cute idea!

  3. Name one kid that opens spice jars and tastes them! Wouldn’t do it more than once if they did! Especially if it was Cayenne! Besides the type of kid that is going to taste straight spices is probably the same kid that tastes glitter out of a regular jar. Also won’t do that more than once!

    Love the idea Kathy.! So Creative! So Crafty Chica!

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