Maya teaching DeAngelo how to play Chopsticks

I love this picture. Because I know in years to come I would have forgotten this little moment from Christmas Day 2008. We went to the rehab center to spend the day with my dad. He is doing GREAT. Thanks again for the happy thoughts! He is working hard to get released. Lots of exercising and such until he is strong enough to go home.

Christmas dinner was a blast because we were able to use a dining room table in the library and the staff served us dinner. There was a piano right outside the room and Maya performed a mini-concert. Here she is giving DeAngelo a lesson.
Forget the presents and the food. Family, love, bonding, and showing appreciation for others is what life is all about.
Thank you so visiting my little cyber casa. I made chocolate rum balls yesterday, I wish I could share them with you! Here is a cyber one……….And by the way, the tamal recipe is coming soon.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa to all of you. I hope you had a special, happy, stress-free day. I hope people were kind and showered you with love! I hope you heard your favorite song or story, ate your favorite food, or cracked up at a funny joke. I hope someone told you they loved you. If not, I’ll tell you: I LOVE YOU!!!
It December 25th, I’m allowed to be sappy, OK?
Have a mighty fine weekend, and don’t hurt yourselves at the post-holiday sales!
Let’s all do the Peanuts after-Christmas dance! (Saw it on’s site!)

Love & light,

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a very small dinner here, just me and the old man, my daughter and my ex-daughter in law, and all 3 of my grandchildren! That was the best present 😀 My daughter gave me a present of a necklace, and as I opened the box, my youngest grandson, who is 5 years old, thought it was from his PawPaw, and he says ” I think PawPaw went to Jarrod’s!”(have you seen that commercial?? Later on as both grandsons had a light saber battle (and they’re both 5 years old, and grandaughter is 8) he hit his older cousin in the head, I tell them “play nice!” and I hear youngest grandson tell my granddaughter “it’s ok, bones heal and chicks dig scars”…..boy, they DO listen to everything you tell them!

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