Vintage pictures

My dad recently made all of us CDs with old – old – family photos. More than 300 of them! I hadn’t had a chance to peek until tonight. The kids are away for a few days at our friends, Patrick is crashed out already, and I didn’t feel like painting, cleaning, cooking or writing. I pulled out the CD and slid it in my Mac.

I’ve been laughing and tearing up (happy tears!) for the past two hours pouring over all of them. Here are a few.

I do believe this must have been my first simultaneous phone interview/publicity shot. I’ve always been a multi-tasker, you know!

Here is my Nana Cano at her sewing machine. She was a master seamstress if there ever was one. Every time I sew, I think of her and I get a knot in my stomach. I know she is watching me from Heaven and she wants so bad to stop me mid-bobbin wind, and show me the correct way to do it. My Aunt Mitzi (left) told me that they used to watch the movie stars on TV and my Nana would sketch out the design of the dresses they wore. She would send my dad to go buy the fabric and my Nana helped my Aunt crank out a Hollywood wardrobe for the Saturday night dances. My Aunt Mitzi went on to making all her own clothes. Both my dad and my Uncle Charlie sew as well. But they sew mantastic things like leather seat covers, camera cases, and camoflauge-theme computer covers. I’m so mad at myself for not appreciating my Nana’s talent when she was alive. It wasn’t until after she passed away that I finally got the courage to put my foot to the pedal. I have my sewing book coming out in February and I dedicated it to her, so this picture really hits the spot. Those of you who read my Art de la Soul book may remember my essay about my bridesmaid dress that I ordered too small. Hours before the wedding Nana took it apart to let out the seam a few millimeters – and God forbid, she sewed it back together inside out!!! She whipped out those stitches and prayed and sewed away until the final minutes. I made it down the altar, the dress immaculate, just in time. I am pretty sure that I make the same facial expression when I’m sewing. I love you, Nana Cano!

Here is my mom. Actually, this is not my mom. This is dreamy Norma Jean before she had taken on the challenge of parenting a kid like me! I love how relaxed and calm she looks, ready to face the future with grace and style.

Me standing in front of two things that would eventually shape my future: My dad’s record album collection and the complete set of World Book Encyclopedia! As a little kid, I wanted to grow up to be a writer for the annual update edition! Now it is all online

Here is a feature article written about my dad in The Arizona Republic about model cars he used to build from scratch. He won a whole mess of awards for them. Who knew that he would have a daughter who would become a features reporter for the Republic?


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  1. Awwwwwwww, thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.

    My father’s mother used to sew too. She made dresses for all her daughters, and for us. (her grandchildren) She also was a quilter and I still have a couple of my baby quilts.

    What a wonderful legacy you and your beautiful familia are leaving behind.


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