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Bead Cluster Cocktail Rings

No matter how hard I try, I can never make things are that slick and uniform in design. I love the crazy combinations of textures, sizes and themes. Imagine my delight when, on a recent trip to New York City, I found all kinds of over-the-top beaded, paper, and fabric cocktail rings for sale. They weren’t only in the trendy accessory boutiques, but also at the street vendors booths. I came home inspired to whip up my own version. Embrace individuality! No two rings will ever be alike and you can work in a color story, or mix and match like I did here. Special thanks to beader Margot Potter for help with this project!

Bead Cluster Cocktail Ring
1 ring base with eight loops
1 spool of 30-gauge wire
Needle nose pliers
Wire nippers
Small-to medium sized glass or crystal beads
Directions: Using the wire nippers, cut a 12” piece of wire. Thread it through the first hole on the end, leaving a 1” tail. Add a small bead on the other end of the wire and loop it through the loop on the ring, bring the wire up through the loop across from the last one and add another bead. You need to tug gently so the beads will be snug. Continue. Save the larger beads for the center. Once you reach the end, work your way back to where you started, adding more beads for “filler” where needed. You are finished when you reach the 1” tail you left when you began. Using the needle nose pliers, wrap the two wire ends together, nip the excess and tuck under one of the beads.

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