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Story about this photo: My dad is coming home from the hospital on Wednesday and my mom is having construction done on the house to widen the doorways since he will be in a wheelchair for the first month or so. She also decided to take down a wall between the kitchen and the dining room. We all took turns making the first hole with the hammer. Being the dramatic/movie-loving chica I am, I couldn’t help but pose for a Jack Nicholson ala The Shining shot…you like?

Come up with caption and I’ll choose one as the winner. You’ll get a “shining” gift pack:
– A bottle of Crafty Chica varnish
– 3 jars of Crafty Chica glitter

Contest ends Monday evening and I’m running it on Facebook, MySpace and Flickr too.

The winner of last week’s Warp Speed Resolution drawing is Craft Hippie! Congrats!

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  1. i don’t have a caption but i just want to say how much i love visiting your blog! you always have something funny and different!
    – cheryl

  2. OMG! Who left the hammer out when there is a shortage of glitter!? GET THE EMERGENCY BOLLYWOOD BLUE GLITTER & A MOCHA FRAP DRIP STAT!

  3. Love this!!!

    As soon as I saw it even without reading the sweet story (so glad your dad is coming home!!!), I thought of the following captions:
    – Craftzilla Chica.
    – Crafty Chica website under construction.
    – Twisted Sister.

  4. Happy New Year, Kathy!!!! Also, to all of your family!

    Here’s my caption for your great photo:


    Thanks for helping keep my “happy tank” full!

  5. I suppose “Heeeere’s Kathy” is a bit too obvious. 🙂
    How about “I know there’s some glitter in here somewhere!”

  6. Here is my caption for this hilarious picture(kudos to expressing your inner Jack Nicholson from The Shining..I thought of that before I read it!)

    Don’t mess with the Crafty Chica..or else prepare to deal with the consequences of me getting my arts n crafts on in your house!..

    I can be reached at Angelrose752(at)aol(dot)com

  7. No more white walls EVER!!!!

    (a la Mommy Dearest)

    So glad your dad is coming home! Happy thoughts all around 🙂

  8. “You will never win! GLITTER flows through my veins!!!!”
    This is after they tried to curb you of your addiction to crafting by closing you up in a plain white room with absolutely no colour or glitter… even your clothes are striped of any embellishment and are completely black.

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