Writing desk! #craftychica

I feel like a real writer!

Writing essentials: glitter pen, notes, journal, back scratcher, coffee, lip balm, Aleve, mouse, screen, and keyboard!

Ever since late Friday afternoon, I’ve been working non-stop on finishing my novel revisions. I’ve been saying that for months (years?). It’s hard and I don’t want to rush! Time is of the essence now, so I haven’t even changed my clothes in three days. no make-up, not even lipstick! Gross! I swear I don’t do this all the time, I’m just so involved with perfecting this project. I did have one break planned yesterday, and it fell through, and I did sneak off today to watch the Cardinals game, but aside from that, I’ve been doing nothing but sitting here. Patrick cooks and serves me my meals at my desk. The kids are doing their own laundry. I am blessed that they are so supportive of helping me accomplish this. Next, it is my turn to help them with whatever they need!

Tonight I looked at my work area and it looks like a college dorm room! That’s why I snapped a picture. You should see my hair! It started in a ponytail, yesterday I woke up and I had a Marie Antoinette do. This morning, my chongo had shape-shifted into highly-teased 80s rocker hair. And I’m still typing away and loving every second. I read all my chapters to Patrick and the kids and they give me little tidbits to add or change. I hate that I get sleepy and have to go to bed, I’d rather stay up and keep working. I do have bouts of writer’s block and burn-out here and there, but I push through because there is no other cure but to just do it.

Someone posted on Twitter today and it is my new mantra:

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.”
– Gandhi

Thursday I leave for CHA and I’ll still be working on this book every free second I have in the hotel room. The fact that CHA is going on while I’m finishing it is full-circle for me. When I began the book, it was called The Crafty Chica Chronicles and was around the time of the Atlanta CHA convention. It was my first convention and I wore HEELS. I couldn’t walk, my feet hurt so bad. So I sat down and watched dozens of crafters audition for the hosting spot for Craft Lab (which eventually went to the lovely Jennifer Perkins!), and I wrote passages and pages of character notes. Now the book is called Waking Up in the Land of Glitter – and I’ll be fine-tuning the last pages at the convention.

OK, I have to wrap this up. It’ll be a light blogging week, but I’ll do my best to get some juicy things posted. Thank you for reading this!

Love & light,

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  1. You sound so happy! I love the energy of this post. Good for you, I say! I can’t wait to read your book. And thanks for sharing that quote by Ghandi. I love it and need to be reminded of that very fact from time to time.

  2. I commend your industriousness. Oh, to be revising my first book. (I know it’s not your first book, but let me start somewhere!)

    Ya know the honorable Governator has required his kids to do their own laundry since each one turned 5! Seems too early to me, but I started doing the family laundry when I was 11.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I can see of the Day of the Dead back scratcher. And wishing I were going to CHA this week. Must get that info for next time.

    Write on, Chica!

  3. I can’t wait to read the book! Sounds like heaven to me.

    My husband, also Patrick, just finished all the revisions on his novel (6 years in the making) and is sending our query letters. Yay!

    I’m glad your family is supportive and I love that you’re ready to pay them back now.

    Love and glitter to you!

  4. What a great picture to capture this time in your life 🙂 Good luck with your writing, can’t wait to see the final book 🙂

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