Snowy delights

I haven’t experienced REAL snow since 1988! Here I am in the snowy land of Ohio this morning. Had a super fun (short) zip over there. 22 degrees!!! Being a Phoenix native, I have never felt that kind of cold. I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I missed were the gloves. Gotta have the gloves. However, I was delighted to be able to wear a scarf I made! On the four-hour plane ride home I did a bit of compare-and-contrast between their winter and our summer.

We have sweat that drips from our foreheads. They have icicles that drip from their car bumpers.

We watch to not get burned by searing hot seatbelts in our car. They watch not to slip on the ice and fall on the way to their car.

We say “Oh crap, it is HOT, why do I live here?” when we open the door to step outside. They say “Oh, crap it is COLD, why do I live here?” (I know, I heard many people say this!!!)

Sometimes our planes are delayed because the ground is too hot and will melt the tires. Sometimes their planes are delayed because the ground is too icy and will freeze the tires (or make them icy).

There things we share, no matter what: neither of us can walk barefoot on the sidewalk without making a screeching “Oh! Woo. Wee. Owww!”and we both have red cheeks from being outside too long. Darn! I thought of more, but I didn’t write them down. You know how it is when you are stuck in lockdown, your mind travels and thinks up all these great ideas, and then as soon as you are back in everyday life, poof! They are gone!

One thing I love more about the snow than the heat is that the cold weather does not make my hair shrink up to a teepee bob!

I am still slammed with work for CHA and my book deadline, I’ll try my best to squeeze in some new projects. Until then, have a crafty, happy week!

Love & light,

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  1. I’m a Phoenix native who lived in Michigan for 5 years. I loved AZ before I left, but now I REALLY REALLY love it that I’m back…”winter” is just OVERRATED compared to beautiful AZ!

    I will admit it is fun to wear scarves & hats & boots.

  2. So bummed that you were nearby and I didn’t get to see you. It’s 4 degrees this morning. Glad you were here during a warm spell!

  3. I cried for about a year when we moved to Phx from SoCal in 2001. Now I love it, even though I can’t touch the steering wheel in summer!

  4. I’ll take our changing seasons and cold over your oppressive heat anyday. The show brightens things up in the dark days of winter and when the sun shines on it, it is sparkly glory!

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