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Low budget, cheesy, but still slightly entertaining!

This video is dedicated to “Britney” at Chase Bank at 43rd Avenue and Dunlap!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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  1. i know who you are talking about. this is how she sees it, if you want to cash a check there but don’t want to open an account, you are doing nothing but wasting her time, she cannot gain anything from people who just want to cash chase checks but don’t want an account. so to fend people off from doing it they make them wait ,get mad and hopefully leave without cashing the check there. they want to intimidate those people so they will not come back and waste their time. in a sense, you are correct, they are “punishing” those who are not their customers, making them feel like worthless, low-class citizens. it is wrong and that is why that particular bank is “chasing” away current and potential customers. that particular manager gets off on being rude to customers and coworkers alike.

    your video came as a great sense of comical release to me. thank you!

  2. This is the funniest thing ever. One can only hope that sees it and takes a look at herself. If what anonymous said is true that is the dumbest way to do business that I can think of. You attract more bees with honey then vinegar. I know what bank I will never do business in, no matter what branch it is if management thinks this is okay behavior.

  3. I loved it! How timely to show off your acting chops, with the Academy Award Nominations just coming out 😉 Kudos to you for raising two talented and artistic kids.

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