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Adventures in Safety Pins: Part Two

You made it through Adventures in Safety Pins, Part One.

Now you can see what I mean when I say my safety pin bracelet mojo has left the building. My building.

I must have downed way too much java when I assembled these wrist monstrosities. I would have done away with them, but I spent so much time, I thought I’d share them. What the heck? I’m still on a mission to use up as much crafty leftovers as I can after cleaning out the art room. I have buckets of charms and beads. And safety pins. And bracelet findings.

OK, on with it!

1. This first one I kinda of feel comfortable with, only because my daughter said she would totally wear this to school. I used too many odd sized beads and the pins didn’t sit right. But she approved it, so we are good to go.

2. I strung the pins on vertically, and added yarn for more texture. My daughter hated the yarn. She said she would not wear this to school. Whatever! It is kinda spazzy though.

3. *Clear throat* This was after a quad mocha. My daughter refused to even let it touch her skin. It is level three “mixed media”. You know what though? I like this one and am going to wear it! It has a chain base and I used the safety pins in place of jump rings. I added gobs-o-charms and yarn.

Adventures in safety pins: Messenjah

Layered Postcard Shadow Box


7 thoughts on “Adventures in Safety Pins: Part Two”

  1. I love them all! I’ve been plotting a cool safety pin necklace here for a while. Tom Binns is using them in his jewelry and it looks so cool!

    Great work. My fav is the last one too!


  2. Ohhh, I def like the first and last ones the best, but they are all awesome. Thanks for inspiring me on what to do with all those safety pins, extra beads, and charms I have laying around. LOVE IT!


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