3rd Annual Crafty Chica Cruise – Over and Out!

Here is a slide show of gobs of pictures from the cruise. I’ve been home almost 24 hours and I haven’t even unpacked, I am exhausted, but still floating on a cloud of sheer bliss. This cruise rocked. The best part of the whole week was making new friends. It sounds so cliche, but it is true. We had cruisers from Seattle, Phoenix, Sacramento, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and even smaller cities from Kentucky and Indiana. There were more, I just can’t think of them right now!

I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll rewind to the beginning.

SATURDAY: 12 boxes jam packed with supplies. I only packed two-inches worth of clothes to ensure room for more supplies. On Friday I drove home the rented SUV.

12 boxes, six people and accompanying luggage. Did not look promising. Patrick promised to make it fit. By 6 am Saturday, he broke the news to me that he couldn’t do it without us looking like The Beverly Hillbillies. At 6:30 am, we made it to U-Haul to score a small truck. It took two rented vehicles to make it to San Diego. We arrived late afternoon and my friends/cruisers Deb, Michele, Ann, and Alisa helped stuff 50 tote bags of goodies. (Sorry if this reads disjointed, my vision is blurry right now!)

Patrick had made 50 skeleton sculpture bases and was so worried they would get broken or lost, he decided to hold them in his hand every second until we reached the ship. Around 6 p.m. Saturday, Ann drove us to U-Haul to return the truck. The line was very long, we had lots of questions, and finally we left. After driving several minutes down the freeway, Patrick realized he left the bag of sculptures in the U-Haul office, which had since closed. We called, and then Fast & Furious-ed it back there and got them before the manager left. Close call!

We made it back to the hotel, walked to dinner in downtown San Diego and didn’t want to wait in line because we were so hungry and exhausted. We chose a small, empty, Mexican food joint. I ordered a chicken quesadilla. It felt slimy going down. I kept eating. I lifted the flap of tortilla to see my “chicken” was actually “chicken skin”. Dis-gust-ing. I haven’t eaten chicken since! We finished, went back to the hotel and were stuck with one queen bed for four people. All the other rooms were sold out. sigh, a night to remember for sure.

SUNDAY: We made it on the ship, check in the boxes and luggage. I covet the feeling of walking on the ship and being handed a tall rum punch. I sucked that baby down in seconds. After checking out our stateroom, I went to the conference room to learn the crew could not find the 12 boxes of supplies. 20 minutes before the ship set sail, the crew delivered them! We had a delicious dinner and then – the craft room! We each filled out a piece of paper with our name and our three guilty pleasures and then put the papers in a bag. We drew names and were to make a gift for our swap partners. Everyone opened their totes and then we used Crafty Chica paints and markers to basecoat our canvas books that were donated by CT Publishing. The ladies were delighted when I pulled out stacks and packs of Claudine Hellmuth’s Sticky Back Canvas!

MONDAY: Catalina Island. DeAngelo and I went to buy paper towels and then came back. Patrick and Maya shopped with his mom and his Uncle George. Many of the chica cruisers met up with Cyndi and friends from the Santa Clarita Craft Lab for lunch. At noon, everyone came back in the room to embellish our canvas books using stencils, iron-ons, appliques and charms. Later in the afternoon, Sacred Yoli taught a really cool technique using Crafty Chica markers (and other types of permanent markers) on silk scarves, you draw on them, add rubber stamped designs and then spritz over the surface with rubbing alcohol. All the colors melt together for a dazzling effect! I’ll post the project soon…

Monday was formal dinner night and two of our cruisers, Alicia and Ginger dressed up in their favorite 80s outfits!!!

After dinner, Patrick taught his first-ever Mantastic workshop, a Day of the Dead sculpture class. Special thanks to Walnut Hollow for donating the bases and rotary tools, and Silver Crow Creations for the embellishments!

TUESDAY: We spent the day in Ensenada, did a little shopping, downed some yummy margaritas, vanilla churros (!!!), and Bloody Marys, came back, and watched Michele demo her embossed metal technique. Everyone became hooked on this idea! After dinner we made our 3D Pop Art Shadow box with small shadow boxes, foam core, and postcards.

WEDNESDAY: Our last day! Before the day even started, I recieved some five-star news from the homeland. It is all top secret right now, but I will totally spill when I am allowed! So, yah, I actually broke out in a happy dance in the middle of the ship on Wednesday morning. I’m glad the kids did not have the FlipVideo rolling. Back to the crafty classes!!! We busted out a mixed-media bracelet with blanks donated by Rings n Things. These worked perfect because we glued clay pieces I made on the discs, and then used jump rings (donated by Foxy Findings), milagros, safety pins, word beads, charms, word beads and Crafty Chica charms. After that workshop, we worked on our self-portrait-in-paper project. Cindy Iverson from the Paper Studio donated these hand packed paper kits for us! We cleaned up to get ready for our closing cocktail party where we exchanged gifts. Waiters came in with trays and trays and trays of free drinks. For one hour, it was all on the house, as we downed as many pretty, fruity drinks as we could.

Kelly sang a crafty version of “My Favorite Things” (video at the end of this post). She is so talented and her gift to us made us all laugh, and then cry because we knew our adventure would end in just a few hours. Sniffle.

We had dinner and then afterwards we had a mini-art sale in the conference room. Many of us brought art to sell and everyone just about sold out of it!

Our youngest cruiser: 11 years-old. I asked her, “Are you having fun?” She replied “SOOOOO much!! When I get home I’m going to start counting my money so I can save up for next year!”

We had multiple sets of mother/daughters/grandaughters, mother/daughters, sisters, in-laws, best friends and even some people who just came by themselves!

Special thanks!!

Duncan Enterprises, jumbo crystal stud iron-on appliques
Rings n Things, bracelet blanks
CT Publishing, blank canvas books
Walnut Hollow, wood bases, drills, metal embossing kit
Ranger Industries & Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas & Brush sets
Marisa Pavelko, The Modern Surrealist, prize tiaras and an art shirt
Foxy Findings, jump rings
St. Theresa’s Textile Trove, jumbo totes
Art Chix Studio, mixed media swag bags
Miss Vicky’s Retreats, assemblage swag bags
Santa Clarita Craft Lab, mixed media swag bags
Silver Crow Creations, ephemera & collectible swag bags
Annette’s Angels, decorative supplies
Hannah Grey, curiosities and dry goods!
Craft Magazine, magazines and other treats
The Paper Studio, gourmet and handmade papers
Grand Central Publishing, juicy novels to read on the ship!
Instructables, crafty cards filled with ideas
Etsy.com, bumper stickers, pins, crafty recipe cards


Love & light,

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  1. i am going to start saving my money right NOW, what an incredible adventure with such a diverse group of creative people. to think YOU brought them together!

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