Couch day.

Came home Friday night totally zapped of energy. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, promise. It was such a fun experience!

Thursday night, I used a new face cream to make my skin look glowy and moist for Friday’s big day – and my whole face broke out in hives. Makeup kinda covered it, but here it is Sunday and I still have this horrible rash on my face. It looks like I got an acid peel at a dollar store. And it itches! And feels hot!

Yesterday I planned to clean all the house, knock out the laundry, hop on new projects for the blog for next week. But we just fixed our big screen TV (had been without for a month) and FIVE hours later, I was still on the couch, marathoning “Locked Up and Abroad”. Title sums it up. It is one of the most intense reality shows I’ve ever seen! Even though every ep starts with a person wiping away tears, saying “Why did I try to smuggle drugs into another country? Why??” I now know I do not want to spend time in jail in Ecuador, Bangladesh, Nepal, or Thailand. The new season begins Wednesday!

I was so locked into watching every installment that I even missed Patrick’s gig for Cesar Chavez day. I think I needed a veg-out couch potato experience. You know, when you only get up from the couch for bathroom breaks, to fix a bowl of Frosted Flakes or to grab your favorite pillow from your bed? That was me.

Then we happily discovered our DVr had recorded all our favorite shows, even though we hadn’t turned the TV on in weeks. DeAngelo joined me to watch Love and Basketball – one of my all-time favorite flicks. We shared the couch and cried all thr way through. I HEART that movie!!!!

Next, we watched four episodes of 30 Rock, and then DeAngelo made me watch an episode of Big Bang Theory that had a girl who started a crafty business and got in over her head. He goes, “Mom, this totally reminds me of YOU!”

Clip One: Penny get s an order for 1,000 flower barrettes.

Clip Two: Penny gets more orders.

Yup, I have to admit, the kid is right. He has seen me crank out massive amounts of stock for crazy orders like this.

So here we are on Sunday. I feel like I have my mojo back, but we have two family parties to attend, one of which I have to make fruit salad for 30 people. Not much crafty or cleaning happening today! But we all know that can change in an instant. I tend to get sidetracked a lot 🙂

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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