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Papel Picado Luminarias


These started as blank glass lanterns that I bought at IKEA and had planned to paint on them. They sat in my art room for months and finally, one day, I grabbed them and decided to vamp them up, right then and there.

I always happen to have a supply of papel picado banners on me, as well as Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray. Doesn’t every girl?

What you do is snip off one of the panels from the banner and wrap it around the lantern. Trim as needed. Once you have the right size, go outside and set the banner face down and spray with the adhesive. Let it set for about 30-seconds and then wrap it around the lantern.

If it is crooked, no prob – just peel off and reposition it.

You can use any kind of paper/plastic designs – make your own from contact paper, use foreign newsprint, etc…

Glitter-on-Glitter Frames

Embellished Canvas Book


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