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Glitter-on-Glitter Frames

You know when you go to IKEA and come across the frame department, and see those package of cheapie picture holders? I can’t resist – I have to buy at least four packs. This is what I do with them. I first base coat them, and then accent with my Crafty Chica glitter. After that, I go on top and add more accents of Tulip 3D Glitter Fashion Paint.

I love layering sprakling properties. It might be a bit excessive to some, but the more the better, I say! Inside the frames, I used Crafty Chica Inspiration Cards. On the front are images that Patrick and I made, and on the other side are affirmations to read and apply to your life to make it more juicy and artful. There are three sets in all, each one has 24 cards.
Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂


Patrick’s self-portrait in paper!

Papel Picado Luminarias


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  1. I love to buy frames, I don’t know why!! I decided I had enough and now I make myself put them back 😀 But no worries, I have some stocked up to make a cute frame like yours as a gift!!
    lol by the way I painted all of the ones I used black…how boring!lol


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