"I’m Stressed, So I’ll Glue Lots of Tiny Things Down!" Wall Art

I made the base of this on the last day of the CHA convention in January (remember this frightening image?). The crowds had left and we had time to spend at other booths. The entire week of the show, I wanted triple-bad to visit the Liquid Fusion corner of our Duncan booth. There was this sweet glass artist (Ack! I forgot her name!!) who made beautiful collages in old windows, and her table was smashed with people everytime I looked over there. I wanted in onthe fun! I finally had my chance so I savored every second!

Using Liquid Fusion and handfuls of micro beads and toys, the idea was to create a collage on glass. Well, mine kinda spilled out over to the wood. It had been such a busy week, every minute allocated to a meeting or demo – by the last few hours of the show, my eyes were glazed over and I could not stop gluing tiny trinket after tiny trinket. I even glued them on top of each other! It was such a pressure-release. A very relaxing expereince. So much, I could have smoked a cigarette aferwards. Alas, I don’t smoke, so I ate a piece of chocolate.

Once I arrived home, I had no idea what to do with this thing. I liked it, but I couldn’t think of anything functional to make with it. A few ideas came to mind, but I just wanted EASY. I had been cleaning out my workroom, and one day I took a large tin milagro, glued it in the center and framed the whole deal in Mardi Gras beads. I drilled two holes on top, added ribbon and now I have a ridiculously funky door hanger.

In case you are feeling stressed, and would like to make one for your home, here are some loose directions.

Buy a wide, flat wood frame. Flip it over and glue the glass down from the back. Using all kinds of tiny found objects like beads, charms, letter beads, gumball toys, etc, glue them all down one by one on the glass and the wood. Let it dry. Flip it over and spray paint the back of the glass red to give it some contrast. Glue or hammer on a centerpiece design, hot glue beaded trim and drill two holes at the top and thread a ribbon through. Tie off and hang!

FUNNY SIDE NOTE: See the squares of images glued in the upper left corner and bottom right? Those are from the bracelet I wore that day. I made it to wear for the convention and ended up “ripping” off the squares from the base, just so I could use them in this frame project. There are some people who will use anything that is NOT glued down. But there are those of use who WILL use stuff that is glued down! If you are one of those types too, here is a cyber high-five! Woot! Woot!

Love & light,

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  1. It’s so fun and festive! I agree sometimes you need to adopt the motto, “Get out of your head and into your HANDS.” What a lovely memory piece, too…. as soon as we move, I’ll be making something like this for the door to my new studio.

  2. Bonjour Kathy! Oh yes! This is a great way to relieve stress for sure! A while ago, upon returning from a long stay in the Yucatan in Mexico, I spent weeks glueing all kinds of trinkets I had brought back on a huge frame that I later used for a mirror. It cured my back-home-to-reality blues! Have a wonderful week! Take care, LuLu

  3. it is too too fabulous. how’d you get those mardi gras beads to stay put?

    i love your style so much! it reminds me of my auntie kita 🙂

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