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Mixed Media Lampshade

I needed a new lamp for my desk and couldn’t find anything that excited me at the store. I settled with an old shade from the thrift store and decided to make use of my extra art supplies. Using hot glue and Liquid Fusion adhesive, I used striped trim for the borders, and then a different medium for each side – rubber stamping, buttons, applique and rickrack. I added trim on the edges and on the seams. Now I have a lamp that inspires me. I like that I can turn it around for a whole new look.


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2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Lampshade”

  1. Oh this lampshade is SO me! I showed it to my husband and said “See? I’m not the only one!”
    I have been reading your blog for years, but didn’t know there was a world of crafty bloggers! Did you start all of this?
    Anyway. I joined in Jan. with a blog of my own.
    I just make and give. no selling.


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