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Nana-style Earring Bracelet

This is a bracelet made by a longtime, dear friend of mine, Keri Plezia – aka, Miss Holley King. She is a rockabilly radio DJ and an avid crafter. She is a member of the Phoenix Fridas (my craft group) and was even featured on Crafters Coast to Coast!


This is a bracelet I bought from her years ago and I wear it ALL the time. People always, always ask me about it, they think I made it. I tell them about Keri and how she is a pop art crafty genius. She took old clip-on earring strays and simply hot glued them to a bracelet blank.I’m sharing it here today because I just recieved another email about it from when I wore it in a Lifetime craft video.

Keri moved to Michigan a couple of years ago and I’ve been missing her. Maybe that is why I wear the bracelet so much!!!

Embossed Wood Necklace

Mixed Media Lampshade


5 thoughts on “Nana-style Earring Bracelet”

  1. (say it like that announcer guy) Payday, payday, payday! We will be buying the shrines, woo hoo!!!!!! How cool, chouette! The coffee…it’s making me use all these exclamation points!

  2. I was lucky enough to inherit much of my great aunt’s fabulous costume jewelry. Now I know what to do with all the mismatched earrings! Thank you for a wonderful crafty idea to create treasure from something I couldn’t possibly throw out!

  3. i have so many old earrings from my mom and my husbands grandmother, i think i might just make some to give to other family members. thank you for such a cool idea.

  4. WOW Kathy…
    I can’t believe you still have that bracelet from days gone by.
    Thank you for sharing :O)
    Miss you and hope to see you next time you are in my ‘neck of the woods’ dear.
    Stay Crafty, Chica!


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