What time is it? Beer-thirty according to her.

Thursday night I had my signing at Changing Hands in Tempe. It was going to be a tricky night because Patrick had a gig at the Sail Inn in Tempe. We decided he would go with me to my event and then we’d go together to his.

My book signing turned out great. An energetic, diverse crowd. Thank you to those of you who showed up! As soon as my signing ended, we packed up and practically flew over to the Sail Inn. Patrick rocked his solo set, and we decided to hang out and see the next act – a South African marimba group.

Now about the girl in the photo.

Someone bought Patrick a beer, but he didn’t have time to drink it right away because he needed to load his equipment in our car before the marimba band started. He set the beer down by me (I stood at the bar), asked me to “guard it”, and said he would be right back after he finished loading up. I leaned against the counter and scoped out the crowd. Just then, the girl in the photo comes up and our convo went like this:

HER: “What’s up with that beer? You drinkin’ it?”
ME: “It’s my husband’s. He asked me to guard it.”
HER: “Oh – nuh-uh! No one leaves a beer alone like that. Gimme some of it!”
She thrusts her empty plastic cup in front of me.
ME: “I can’t. It’s my husband’s. I’m guarding it for him.”
HER: “Nuh-uh. Pour some in my cup!”
ME: “OK!”
I pour a thimble-sized about in her cup.
She holds it up, winces and wags the cup near Patrick’s beer.
HER: Come on, girl! Pour more that that! I need it for what I’m about to do!
ME: “OK! OK!”
I pour almost all of Patrick’s beer in her cup – wondering if this will help or hurt what she is ‘about to do’…

She downed it in one chug, and then headed for the stage. She motioned to the marimba percussion player to join her. He appeared kinda confused, but they both climbed up. Like me, he didn’t dare refuse her demand. She grabbed the mic from the stand and began to say “Check. Check.”

At the same time, Patrick comes back, stands by me, and looks at his near-empty cup.

“What happened to my beer?” he says, shocked, bummed and mad all rolled into one.

“She made me pour it in her cup!” I said, pointing to the stage.

“WHO???” he asks, as we both turn and look – right at that moment she breaks out with a full-on rap! I mean, just out of nowhere, she took the floor and did her thang. She wasn’t half bad. If she had a proper back-up band and set up, she would have sounded more legit. After she finished, pulled down the snug hem of her super short polyester dress while the crowd offered a weak clap. The air felt a teeny bit awkward. She stepped off the stage, careful, so she wouldn’t topple over in her tall metallic heels and strutted back to the bar. She tried to act all cool, but I knew her heart was racing.

She glanced over at Patrick and myself.

“Hey girl, you drank my beer!” Patrick hollered to her. “…but it’s cool because you did a good job up there…” I supported his statement by giving her two enthusiastic thumbs up!! (NOTE: Um, two thumbs up to a brickhouse chica who just threw down some rhymes? Ugh, I hate my corniness!).

Talk about courage on her part! I’ll admit, at first she kinda scared me when she made me give up the suds, but that vibe vanished and was replaced by admiration. Don’t you ever wish you could have the guts to do something like that? Just hop up on stage and belt out a song in front of a club full of strangers?

“Thanks,” she replied, slightly dejected. “Hey – if you liked it, buy me a beer!”

We laughed and bought her a round. She downed it just as her taxi pulled up. She went to leave and then stopped, turned and mini-jogged back to me. She gave me a huge hug and a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you,” she said. And she left. I never even learned her name! But the experience added to the already memorable night. Her impromptu gig made a great me think about a video I watched on my friend Stacy’s Facebook page earlier in the day. It’s about facing your fears head on!

Whether you want to enter your designs or writing in a contest, or sing in front of strangers – go for it! At least you can say you tried, right? Oh, and the beer hijacking is optional.

Here is the link in case you can’t see the video.

P.S. My dad is walking around on his new leg and even started driving again! Yay!!!

Love & light,

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  1. I think he jinxed himself by asking you to ‘guard his beer!’ I have never had anyone try to hijack someone else’s beer from me before, what a story! But you’re right…it takes courage to put yourself out there.She wouldn’t have had quite enough without Patrick’s cup of liquid courage, I guess. 😉

  2. Great story! This reminds me of the first time I tried karaoke in public..five appletinis still couldn’t break me loose. Then, I went into the ladies room and one of the other ladies singing that night was in there. She told me to just grab my woman balls and go do it! I did..:) Still not sure where the woman balls are..but it sounds like your lady has them too!

  3. At first I was thinking, why did you give in to her? I would have said “forget you.” Actually, probably not. If she was that aggressive, I would have been scared of her. But who would have known she would have thanked you like that afterward, like Georgette N. said above, “making her dream come true.”
    What a blessing you were to her. Gotta remember that. Thanks for sharing!
    Carol B.

  4. Ha! Yup, I gave in right away because I was kinda taken aback. I didn’t want to get my front teeth knocked out over a cup of beer. But once she took the stage, I realized she was just super nervous. After all was said and done, she was really sweet. She was a character though. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she started rapping. I ran up and snapped some pictures and thought “I am sooo blogging this!” Yay for iPhones!

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