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“If magazines were money, we’d be rich.”

This was my husband’s gentle way of voicing his concern regarding my gluttony for glossies.

Entertainment, travel, home décor, parenting and computers – it doesn’t matter what the subject is, I have them all.

The problem is that I not only love to read them from cover to cover, but I also love to keep them.

My better half resorted to giving me a deadline to whittle down my beloved pile. I was forced to brainstorm (tossing them in the recycle bin was just too easy). Now I have way-cool stationery, and my hubby has peace of mind. That is, until next month’s issues arrive.


Several unwanted magazines.
Stationery or letter-size envelope to use as a template.
Ball-point pen.
Aleene’s Tacky Glue stick.
White address labels.
White stationery paper.

Directions for envelope: Carefully open the flaps of a stationery envelope so it has four triangular corners. This is your template. Remove the front and back covers from a magazine and lay them flat on a smooth working surface, right side up. Take time to arrange the template on top of the magazine cover so that your desired image will show in the front panel (cut and paste as needed). Trace the outline of the template on the cover. Cut out the shape with the scissors. Create fold lines to form the envelope and crease the edges. Use the glue stick to adhere panels together. Cut out other interesting pictures or words and glue around the envelope. Affix the address labels to front.

Directions for stationery paper: Remove one of the magazine pages. Cut out 4- by 6-inch pieces of stationery paper and use the glue stick to attach them to the magazine page in a random fashion.

Tips and variations: Try to pick magazines that are stapled in the center, which will allow a bigger area with which to work. For a more durable envelope, glue two covers or pages together. Theme the magazines to match the personality to the person you are sending the letter to (fashion, cooking, travel, sports, kids).

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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