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Warrior Angel Shadow Box


Warrior Angel Shadow Box! This is from a book I contributed too, Angel Crafts. I call it an Angel Warrior box because I believe we all have powerful angels flying around us, that are soft and pretty – but they can also kick butt to protect us, just like warriors! Make use of small objects around your house!

To make this project you need:

1 shadow box
bottle cap
Decorative paper
Wood heart
Tulip Crystals
Hot glue
Markers, scissors
Cotton balls
Scrap fabric

Paint the box and then sand the edges. Paint and glitter the wood hear and glue it to the back of the box. Paint the bottle cap as a face, glue it to the wood heart. Make the dress and wings out scrap fabric or paper, glue in place. Add yarn for hair. Paint accents around the border and glue down milagros and crystals.


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