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Artist Trading Card Mirrors


Last month I lead a craft cruise of 50 women from all across the country. Few of us knew each other, so I suggested we all make artist trading cards to trade with one another as an artsy introduction. By the end of the first night, we bonded. We went on to glitter, paint, glue, stitch, giggle, and even sing for four solid days at sea. As with any vacation, the hardest part was saying goodbye. A month has passed since the trip, and I still think of these wonderful new friends every day. I took out the cards I received and decided to incorporate them into my décor so I could enjoy them daily. I still have four more frames to make, but I love how my first two came out.

If you have never made artist trading cards, they are simply playing card-size works of art that you create. Use a glue stick to make fun collages that relay your personality. Add pictures, phrases, and motifs. Some people go as far as incorporating embossed designs, wax, fabric and more. You can make this a family project and have everyone decorate a card, or coordinate a secret mission and have them made for a loved one’s birthday or other celebration! While each one will be a stand-out piece, once you unite them on a frame, they will make for a stunning and sentimental collection.

Artist Trading Card Frames


Malma mirror (from IKEA)

Rubber stamps

Ink pads

Assorted artist trading cards

Double-sided adhesive tape

Assorted strands of fibers


Picture hanger

Directions: Use your stamp and ink pad to add a design to the front of the frame. Let the ink dry. Set out your cards and take time to arrange them in an appealing layout. Use decorative scissors to trim cards if necessary. Once you find a layout you like, apply the adhesive tape to secure them to the frame. Attach the eyescrew to the bottom of the frame. Cut 5-6 strands of assorted, contrasting fibers to 12”. Tie them through the eyescrew. Attach the picture hanger.

Special thanks to all the cruisers who gave me one of their treasured cards! I love them so much!!!


Lightswitch covers

Marker-Made Scarf


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  1. I wonder if there’s a way to temporarily adhere the cards to the glass. A lot of mine are also embellished on the back, and they have the names and info of the artists, so I’d hate to lose that.


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