Better than Eva.

I didn’t meet Eva Longoria tonight. But I did meet this wonderful lady who came up to me to tell me how much she loved Crafty Chica stuff. She divulged her secret method for constructing glittery Christmas trees from chicken wire. Her son even expressed how much she gets into the process. So I gave her Eva’s glitter! She looked so happy! I have decided I am going to always take a tube of glitter with me as often as I can and pass it out to people who are nice, just because. People that make the world a shinier place because of their upbeat attitude. Maybe it will help balance out some of the negativity out there!

Honestly, I’m embarrassed of myself for being so excited about the possibility of meeting Eva, just to give her a sewing book. I should have been excited first and foremost for the purpose of the event tonight – to honor Cesar Chavez and his accomplishments. His family and some local community members delivered fire-and-brimstone speeches that made everyone stand up and cheer. I was so moved, I even Twittered about it!

Yes, Eva was there too, she was presented an award for her dedication to Latino families through her charity, Eva’s Heroes.

She shared personal anecdotes about her childhood. Her family grew up on a ranch, and planted, grew and ate their own food. She joked that she hates squash because she had to eat it everyday growing up as a kid. Her dad only let them eat out once a month, and that’s if they were good.

She said that before she became famous, she lived by a quote someone once told her:

“Not everyone has the potential to be famous. But EVERYone has the potential to be great.”

And then she pumped her fist in the air and cheered – “So, go be GREAT!”

Afterward, her topic became more serious. She told us she is producing a documentary called The Harvest, about the children of migrants who are working 14 hours days in the produce fields. The film will be released next year.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

Whew. Heavy stuff. I was also inspired by one of the speakers who made all 800 of us stand up and recite Cesar’s prayer for the farm workers. Even if it seems corny, take a minute to say these sentences out loud and their meaning will sink in. It doesn’t matter what culture you are from – this message is universal.

Show me the suffering of the most miserable;

So I will know my people’s plight.

Free me to pray for others;

For you are present in every person.

Help me take responsibility for my own life;

So that I can be free at last.

Grant me courage to serve others;

For in service there is true life.

Give me honesty and patience;

So that the Spirit will be alive among us.

Let the Spirit flourish and grow;

So that we will never tire of the struggle.

Let us remember those who have died for justice;

For they have given us life.

Help us love even those who hate us;

So we can change the world


I would like to thank Adriana Perez, Project Director for Mujeres en Accion at ASU College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation for inviting me to join her and her endearing staff at this wonderful, uplifting event!

Love & light,

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  1. I don’t even know what to say. I am speechless. I am hurt and I am so freaken upset that I was not aware that this was going on. We need to take action and we need to do it now. Not for us but for our children. They are our future and this is what we have allowed our children to be! They deserve better. They deserve education, they deserve to roam the fields freely, they deserve to be children. I don’t know what it is, right now, what I can do to make a change, but I will make sure to put the word out there that this is not right and we need to make a change. We need to take a stand. We need to do it now!

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