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Jump Ring Jewelry

Crafts aren’t just about making something nice. Hardcore hobbyists know there’s another kind of thrill that comes from the art of creating. That would be discovering and using the unexpected. Jump-ring jewelry is a great example. Jump rings come in a variety of sizes and are normally used as findings to finish off necklaces and bracelets, or to connect charms. In this case, the jump rings are joined in sets of repeated sets of two or three to create a chunky, rocker look.

Jump Ring Jewelry

• 1 gross of jump rings, 12 mm round (you will be able to make several pieces)
• 2 pairs of needle-nose pliers
• Lobster or toggle clasp
• Accent charm

Directions: Before you start making a bracelet or necklace, open about 50 jump rings at the seam so the linking process will go easier. These directions are for a double link chain. To do this, hold a pair of needle-nose pliers in each hand and separate the rings one at a time. To start linking, pick up two closed rings, hold them together and then hook an open ring through them, close it and then repeat for the second ring. You will now have two sets of two rings that are linked and are in opposite directions. To continue, hook on a closed ring through the top two rings, close it and then add another link and close. Keep building the chain by adding jump sets of jump rings until it is as long as you like. When finished, add a clasp and accent charm (if desired).

Variations: For a daintier bracelet, use smaller jump rings; for a bolder and mod look, use larger ones. In addition to making a bracelet or necklace, you can also make belts, purse straps, anklets and more.

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