Lightswitch covers

In order to live an artful life, you have to have ART all around you. From the clothes you wear to the words you use, and even little touches – like your lightswitch covers!

Here is my assignment to you. If you have boring eggshell-colored lightswitch covers in your house, use the weekend to give them a new look.

Decoupage images you love, or phrases cut from magazines. Use foam core to add wings to the sides. Heck, just add paint to them. Seal them with varnish, let them dry and then hang them back up. See? That isn’t so hard is it?

These are covers that Patrick made. They look great in our house!


Love & light,

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  1. This is officially my “DaVinci Mode Challenge” project for today! I’ll post a link when it’s done!

    THANKS!!!!! Your inspiration is just the creative kick in the pants that I need. LOL.

  2. You and Patrick *seriously* need to get outta my head!!

    Last week, I found a stack of light switch covers in my husband’s toolbox. Leftover from when he moved out of his last house, like five years ago.

    I asked if I could have them. He said yes.

    There is a switchplate COVERED in ruby red glitter drying on my craft table *right now*.

    And then I read your blog. I’ve got the psychic Crafty vibe ON! 🙂

  3. I have decoupaged a cover so the switch is Elvis’ nose.

    And beware of glitter glue on a cover…it can all come off in one piece, rendering glitter flames into a translucent sheet with a hole in it.

  4. I am a Loteria fanatic … if its an image of a Loteria character … I’m putting it on something. I have made dozens of lightswitch covers with the came cards in all colors. Made three of them this weekend – my favorite La Sirena, La Chalupa and La Estrella.

  5. Brilliant! I am so excited about the “Nicho” theme light switch cover I am dancing a jig! I have been wanting some for a long time – never occurred to me that I could actually make my own with my “tin” art stash! I will make sure they are safe to use of course! Thank you so much Patrick!

  6. “And beware of glitter glue on a cover…it can all come off in one piece, rendering glitter flames into a translucent sheet with a hole in it.”

    Too true! Must sand the shiny surface off first!!

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