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Marker-Made Scarf

Yoli’s sample scarf.

My scarf I made in her class!

My friend, Sacred Yoli rocks. She came on the Crafty Chica cruise and showed us how to decorate these super cool silk scarves using Crafty Chica Markers (you can also use glitter markers, metallic, fine point, etc) and alcohol ink. You simply draw, color, squiggle, whatever you want, onthe scarf and then spray it with rubbing alcohol that you put in a small bottle. It makes the colors bleed and makes them very vibrant. Let it dry and then use rubber stamps and ink to add a layer of words, images, whatever you want. You can also sew on trim. I’ve been using mine as a headband, and I’ve also been snipping off pieces touse in altered art projects.

Here is Yoli’s tutorial on this project!


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