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3 Ways to decorate plastic Easter eggs

Every year at this time of the season, I can’t help but buy a bag of those colored plastic eggs. Anything that is under $1 and has secret compartment capabilities scores high on my supply list.
And…every year I have yet to open the bag. Therefore, I made it a challenge to come up with fabtastic, new uses for these timeless Easter containers (other than just holding jellybeans). Once I began to sketch, the ideas sprouted like happy daisies. Here are three of my favorites that can be used as party favors or decorations for the kiddies.

Bobble Eggs: The idea is to create a “bobble” effect by inserting a spring between the two halves of the egg. You’ll need a small base of thick cardboard or wood, a spring (I used the spine from a spiral notebook), hot glue, wire nippers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and embellishments. Cut the spring at 3”, and hot glue it to the bottom portion of the egg, and then inside the top. Let the glue harden. Add eyes and other embellishments and glue to the base. Use the pipe cleaners to make funky arms!

Kitschy Chicks Candy Holder: These are adorable and useful. Make one for each guest and then hide a treat inside. You’ll need googly eyes, bamboo skewers, a wood or cardboard base, hot glue, scrapbook paper. Cut two legs from the bamboo skewers and glue them to the bottom of the egg. Glue on the eyes, and then cut two sharp ends from the skewers for the beak, and glue them below the yes. Add hair, and cut feet from paper. Glue on the base. Add glitter for plastic grass if desired.

Nifty Egg Necklaces: You’ll need a hand held rotary tool, large jump rings, needle nose pliers, paints for plastic, ribbon or cording. Open the egg so it is flat on the table, drill two small holes at the top, and use the pliers to insert and close the jump ring. Paint the outside of the egg with the paints, let dry. Thread a ribbon through the top, fill with treats and pass out to the kids!

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  1. Hi! CraftyChica! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I really enjoy your craft creations and especially all that glitter! Your eggs are simply adorable! Keep up the great work!


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