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By the time you read this, I’ll be on a plane to Minnesota for the annual National Art Education Association Conference. A trade show full of art teachers!!! I LOVE that idea! I’ll be there in the Duncan booth demoing Crafty Chica goodies, as well as Tulip and Aleene’s products too.

What a week. OK, remember when I told you that I had an allergic reaction to a face cream? Well, I made it worse by putting Cortizone on it. Not a good idea. It burned my cheeks and all over and around my nose. To make matters worse, last week I was traveling for some very important meetings. I became so stressed that my whole body broke out in hives that turned into blisters. All over my arms, legs, torso – I was so miserable! I called Patrick every night in tears because I was in itchy pain. The first night he told me to take a hot bath. Wrong! I found out the hard way that hot water and hives do not mix – that is when the blisters broke out. I had to hide my arms all week! And I won’t even talk about my nose and cheeks, and how I had to prentend all was fine. It looked so awful! As soon Patrick picked me up from the airport Friday afternoon, we jetted over to the doctor.

I went on quarantine lockdown in case it was contagious, even though the doctor assured me it wasn’t. Really, I was just in hiding. It took a whole week of ointment and destressing, but I’m back to normal. With super smooth skin to boot! One of the things I had to do, aside from CHILL, was drink crazy amounts of water. Not only does my skin look refreshed, I actually went down a whole pant and blouse size!!! Maybe it all happened to give me a head start on losing weight. I hope so. I feel like my diet angels – or rather “new healthy lifestyle” angels are approaching my doorstep. I welcome them!

What’s funny is that after seeing my results, now everyone else in the house is gulping water!

One other traumatic incident – the other day Patrick and I were on our way somewhere and this car across the intersection in the left hand turn lane tried to go straight instead. He barreled right for us. It felt like slow motion and I really thought our time had come. And then I decided to handle it like I do bad dreams. I just kept thinking “No. No. No. Go away.” and we missed each other by a hair. Patrick said that an angel came between the cars to prevent the collision. I have always believed we each have our own personal set of guardians – I call mine Aztec Warrior Angels because they are fierce – and that was proven last week. It made me feel silly for whining over my chapped face! As long as we have our limbs, our mind and spirit we are going to be A-OK, right?

Well, that’s it for me tonight. Except for one more very important note…

I found out today that one of our former Crafty Chica cruisers passed away from cancer. Porbrecita, Cecilia…we will all miss you and your artful stylings. We hope you are crafting it up in Heaven like you did on Earth. Our prayers go out to your family and loved ones. You will be missed. Besitos.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. Cecilia was an awesome woman with a good heart, a warm smile and wicked crafting skills. She will always be remembered well by those of us whose lives she touched.

    My heart goes out to her friends and family.

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