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Sugar Skull Spring Eggs


(Photo by Angela Villalba of MexicanSugarSkull.com)

My friend, Angela Villalba, founder of
MexicanSugarSkull.com, sent me pictures of the gorgeous eggs she made using egg molds, sugar, icing and Crafty Chica glitter! Angela is the master designer behind the Day of the Dead sugar skull molds and used her technique to make these brilliant eggs for spring.

I’m including her directions as well!

OK, I’m going to go pick my jaw up from the floor from these amazing eggs.

(Step one, make the first half of the eggs and fill them)

“I made some panoramic Sugar Skull “Spring” Eggs using my sugar skull recipe and mini original sugar skull molds. I bought the egg molds from Michael’s. I made the eggs, scooped them out just like the large sugar skull molds and then made an eyehole before they dried.

I found that if I hollowed them out while in the mold they turned out with much thinner walls than if I scooped them in a couple hours. Anyways, when they were dry, I made up an interior that would be looked at when peeped into… like there’s not much room inside, but I put a mini skeleton from Puebla, or a mini sugar skull or one of our original minis that I decorated.

When dry, I close the lid onto the bottom with a bead of white royal icing. It’s all done with royal icing in deep colors. We sell the disposable icing bags, meringue powder and the intense food coloring. After they are closed, I use a spoon to make the peep hole a little bigger and nicer round shape. Then, decorate the outside!

I made mini sugar skulls to attach to the top of the egg with a blob of icing. I was told not to call these “Easter Eggs” as some Christians would take offense. But we all know these are awesome Easter Eggs for those who love Day of the Dead or Mexican crafts.

They were such fun to make and turned out so impressive. I used your glitter too, before the icing dried.

I receive your daily art blogs and am constantly amazed how much energy you and your family have. You are so creative. Whenever I get tired of my business, I just think of you circling your house with a glue gun and a big bottle of glitter, looking for something to decorate! You give me inspiration!”

Trivia: When I created the sugar skull recipe using the meringue powder back in 1995, I adapted a recipe for Easter panoramic eggs. Sugar art started in the 14th century in Palermo, Italy as Church altar decorations…probably little sheep and angels… Skulls came about 100 years later. So, there is a connection between the Easter sugar art and Day of the Dead sugar art.”

For more information about Angela, and to buy supplies, check out her sites:
Reign Trading Company

VIDEO: Pop Art Eggs

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3 thoughts on “Sugar Skull Spring Eggs”

  1. I was hesitant when I first heard about the “crafty chica”. I thought perhaps you were dumbing down Latino arts. But I get it. I get what you are doing. You deserve every ounce of praise you have received. This is certainly one of the most creative and unique and inspirational blogs in the community. You have found a way to do something many others have tried and failed and that is keeping a foot in both worlds of both Latino and mainstream culture. Bravo to you.

  2. Whoa! I didn’t know you were friends with the Mexican Sugar Skull people! I LOOOOVE their website.

    I buy fake marigolds from them and they are top quality! I use them on my paper mache skulls (drill holes and set them in).

    I got the email in my inbox about these eggs and was so happy. Then I saw them on your site. All very simpatico if you ask me! 🙂



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