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Book review: B as in Beauty

B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras

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I immediately knew I wanted to read this book when I watched the adorable trailer. Not only that hooked me, but also the name of the book, the cover – the fact that it was written from a female perspective, by a man!

B, the main character is bursting with personality, humor and dignity. The storyline has that lovable kitsch factor. It summoned memories of the French film, Amélie. I had no idea what kind of journey the chapters would lead me to, but I excitedly followed along because of the fast, entertaining pacing. 3/4ths in, it really sunk in that this plot was so well-crafted and thought out to foster self-empowerment, not only in the chracters but the reader as well. I love the positive perspectives of how to handle negative people regarding revenge (!!!), the message of love, the message of not judging others. all of it.

I felt like a total geek when I reached the end because I was alone in my hotel room (for work), and I literally clapped my hands when it was over, just like when you see a great movie. I have to say, this goes down as one of my all-time favorite books! Alberto Ferreras is a wonderful storyteller!

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  1. See this is why I adore you & your blog. Not only do I get my craft on but I also get a book recommendation (B is for Beautiful), an upcoming movie to watch (Precious) AND I also am hip to current events.

    This books is definetely on my list. Speaking of which, I ordered the “Push” which “Precious” is based on. Why does it have to November until we see it!?


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