Faux Silk Screen Shirts

Have you ever thought of the perfect T-shirt phrase? What are you waiting for? Put it on a shirt, already! You can do it by going to a local print shop (expensive), embroidering it (time consuming) or silk-screening it yourself (investment in supplies). Actually, the latter is a cool way to go. People are either buying kits or creating homemade versions to design fabric, greeting cards, shirts, canvas art and more. But until you can go there, here is a nice Home Ec alternative.

1 T-shirt
Sheet of regular paper (for use in the computer)
Contact paper
Large piece of cardboard
Craft knife and mat board
Double stick tape
Sponge brush or make up sponge
Crafty Chica paints
Blue painter’s tape

Directions: Wash and dry the shirt. Type your image or phrase using a word processing program on the computer. Enlarge the font size to at least 100 point or larger as desired. Until you get the hang of this process, stick with a simple thick font, as opposed to a detailed or cursive one. Print. Tape it down over the contact paper. Working on the mat board, carefully cut out the letters with the craft knife to create a stencil. For letters with holes (a, e, g, etc.), cut the centerpiece and set aside for later use. Insert the cardboard inside the shirt, so the paint will not seep through. Place the stencil where you want the phrase to be on the shirt, and then secure the edges with the blue painter’s tape. Cut a snippet of double stick tape to secure the floating pieces inside the letters that have holes. Dip the dry sponge brush into the paint and dab it on a separate piece of paper to remove any excess (if there is too much paint on the brush, it will seep under the stencil). Lightly pounce the brush up and down in the open areas of the stencil. Let dry and then repeat the process until it reaches the shade you like. Let dry. then peel off the tape and stencil, and remove the cardboard.

Tips and variations: Turn the shirt inside out to wash and dry. Use the same method to transfer silhouette pictures, company logos, etc. Instead of words, use multiple stencils and different colors in geometric shapes or Wing Dings (small icons found on word processing font lists). Instead of painting on a shirt, you can also use etching cream and this stencil method to decorate glassware.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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  1. I have a story for you:
    I have two daughters, ages 18 and 24. Usually, what I like they don’t like. So I was surprised to hear from my 24 y/o that your book that I just ordered and received, is “way cool” and she “totally” wants one for herself and she thinks we should also get one for the 18 y/o!

    So I am off to Amazon.com to order two more copies! Thanks, Crafty Chica!

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