INSPIRATION FRIDAY: Vickie Howell (Contest too!)

Today’s IF is about one of my all-time favorite crafty amigas, Vickie Howell. You know her from Knitty Gritty, her Lifetime video series, her fantastic blog, magazine column and all around sparkling personality! I can 100% relate to her because we both juggle our crafty careers, marriage, kids, and still manage to love every second of the experience. Even the moments when we want to scream and run for the hills.

Vickie has just come out with one of the best craft books – and I read a lot of craft books! Pop Goes Crochet features projects inspired by fashion, music, film, and television icons from the past and present.

If you dig crochet, pop culture, or both – you absolutely have to pick up a copy! Vickie was kind enough to share a project for free from the book.

Click here for the pattern!
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“Doris” Scarf
“Growing up, Doris Day’s wholesome movies were a mainstay in my house. Her films characterized a kinder time when high jinks ensued but a happy ending was guaranteed. This silky beaded scarf personifies her smooth voice, sparkling eyes, and playful style.”–Excerpt from Pop Goes Crochet

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Leave a comment sharing your favorite pop culture icon and a project you’d like to make to go with him or her, and I’ll draw one winner to recieve a copy of Vickie’s new book!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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8 Responses

  1. Wow Favorite POP Icon… Tall order there are so many out there! LOL
    Lets see…
    OK I am gonna have to go with LOST
    I would make the entire crew custom knitted green mesh bags for to carry all the supplies needed for every hike to another Dahrma station they take.
    They would all be custom embellished with crocheted emblems and trim per the characters personality or role. Jack would of course have a red cross on his, he is a Dr. after all. Kate would need a kahki green bag with a gun holster, Sawyer – a bag to carry romance books and his glasses and maybe some kind of shaving kit or sweatband or something LOL. I could go on forever but I would love to hear other ideas. 🙂

    The book sounds great. I learned to Knit thanks to Vickie. I would love to crochet too!

    Tucson, Az

  2. John Wayne! He was always so “debonaire” in those westerns. I would have to make him an ascot from soft wool, or a handkerchief to assist the ladies when they were feeling faint or crying.
    David Cassidy, from “The Partridge Family”, needs a manly sweater, with the collar open low, so, the girls can swoon even more. He was so handsome.

  3. hmmm… my favorite POP culture ICON… I’ve just GOT to say it… LOL. Joe McIntyre!! what a TALENT!! and sooo stylish. I could only imagine the things you could come up for him!! :o) I am so excited about this book… and I’d be HONORED to win a copy!! Thank you for holding this GREAT contest!!

  4. fave pop icon…hmm…I think I’ll go with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. He would definently be an ami doll with BIG guylinered eyes, and I would probably dress him in the outfit he wore for the American Idiot video.

    Or I could choose Britney and make a bunch of crocheted wigs–and include a “bald head” look. 🙂

  5. I will always love John Lennon. I would have to (learn how to) quilt a lovely psychedelic quilt to add some style to a homage bed-in.

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